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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-Recruiting)

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17 hours ago, Billybass said:

Horns gettin PLENTY of production out of number 0. 
Both Anthony Hill and JaTavion Sanders wearing it. 
Those 2 played on a 5A state championship a couple of years ago at Denton Ryan.
My son and grandson coached that team and another grandson played on it. 
Really special time for me. 

Are you in Denton? If so, I'm just down the street in Lewisville.

Yes, Denton's contributions to this team are something to be proud of. Hill and Sanders are going to be All Americans.

That Ryan team that you're talking about was something else. They just rolled everybody.


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1 hour ago, TFloss32 said:

It will be curious to see how Bama ends this year.

I don't think many teams are able to keep their run game and Milroe in check the way we did this last weekend. The offense will certainly be limited in the traditional drop back passing game but they won't struggle to score as long as Milroe avoids throwing INTs.

Their defense is still very very good and will shut down a lot of teams.

I could see them going 9-3, a few more multi INT games from Milroe or perhaps some issues with swapping around starting QBs if Milroe doesn't improve. 

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