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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-Recruiting)


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42 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:


more like he committed to assistant coach  Drew Brees, very happy for HC, I hope he lights up the Big 10


on a separate note where is the Common Man Prediction thread ? I didnt get any steak knives from Santa so I thought I would make one last effort to win  a set

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4 hours ago, Billybass said:

I’ll bet we see him on some ESPN highlights. 
First bad game Quinn has lots of posters will be telling us how Hudson would be so much better.

I was disappointed with his 58% passing,missing long ball continually.  I am concerned  about next year, cause we will need a passing attack. But won't  say Card would done better. 🤘

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11 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Sounds like we'll be losing both Worthy and Ford.

Little confused by Worthy. If he is leaving, why bother playing in this game. He will get the same offer from Lincoln whether he played or not. No need to risk injury. I think he likes the keeping everyone guessing.

I don't think Ford on the other hand has made up his mind. He could improve his draft stock with another solid outing on tape so it makes sense for him to go ahead and play then see where the chips fall. 

Just one man's opinions. 

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