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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-Recruiting)


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11 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

After checking TCU schedule and scores, Texas scored less points than anyone. Even twopowerhousedColorado and Tartlion state scored more.

I doubt that either Colorado or Tarlton were circled on TCUs calendar and can guarantee that we were; we've got their old coach, are leaving the Big 12 (at some point) and we're Texas, not to mention that the win clinched a conference championship berth and that there were playoff implications...we were going to get their best game.  We might as well get used to it, no one's happy that we're leaving the conference and we're going to get everyone's best game every week. 

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24 minutes ago, Billybass said:

Sad, but true. Offense is about execution. And they did not execute. They are young, and I see some improvement in some areas, but it has not jelled into a single unit

Does Texas win with a senior QB?

Does tcu lose playing a red shirt freshman QB? 

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No other way to put it, our offense sucked and Ewers was awful.
TCU forced Quinn to carry the team and he looked like a Freshman QB playing against the #4 team in the Country in a prime time, must win game. Our receivers didn’t do him any favors either but 90% of it was on him. 

Now let’s think about the recruits who were at this game. 
They watched our offense score 3 total points. The same offense that scored 19 on Alabama with a gimp backup QB. The same offense that scored 31 on K State in one half and put 49 on BlowU. 

They watched Quinn play his worst game at the worst time imaginable. They also know this was NOT how our offense plays 9 out of 10 times. This was an abnormality. 

The general consensus at the start of this season and even before  this game was: Texas is going to score points but can the defense do enough to win. The offense has never been the problem and it won’t be moving forward. I wholeheartedly believe youth at important positions is the reason for this performance and most of the 2nd half lulls we continue to have. Sark keeps trying to milk the clock with leads to minimize the opportunity for mistakes. The “can’t make halftime adjustments” narrative is a joke. Anyone who is capable of scheming to expose a defense to start a game is also able to expose what the defense is doing in the second half. Our guys may not be able to execute the adjusted scheme at this point in their career but Sark doesn’t forget how to coach at halftime. 

Our defense was phenomenal. TCU caught one long TD on a blown coverage and had one long TD run on a bad LB read. The rest of the game we were elite and disruptive. We had 5 sacks!! 
We held the highest scoring team in the Big 12 (8th in the Country) to 17 points. Their previous low was 34. Our defense is no longer a liability it’s a strength. 

If I’m being honest, I was more upset with how this game would effect recruiting than anything else. I hate that we are not Big 12 title contenders yet but I already figured that going in to the season. I don’t like it but we aren’t there yet. 

The good news is our pitch to recruits is the future not the present. 
The guy’s we are after on offense know what’s possible with Sark and they will have Arch as the trigger man (anyone who says he’s having second thoughts is trolling). Despite our showing on Saturday we will haul in an elite class on that side of the ball. 

I believe the way we lost Saturday will help us on the defensive side of recruiting. Had we lost 47-40 it would be hard to convince recruits we are improving but the way our defense played in this game proves Coach Pete and his assistants are capable of producing an elite group. 

To make a really long story short. This game did not torpedo our recruiting class. The coaches have given these guys a timeline for the program to be in contention nationally. They believe we should be competing for the playoffs in two years. When last years class are juniors and this years class are sophomores we will only have guys this staff recruited on the team. That’s when it happens 

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As reflected by my own life there are times when decisions are made and nothing will move us off of that choice even if the results prove it was wrong or is not working.  To change course would be to admit to yourself that you got it wrong and you would rather hold on to your pride than to admit you did not know as much as you thought you did.

With regards to Sarkesians refusal to bench Ewers even for a series or two to at least try and motivate him seems to follow this same pattern.  I know that Sarkesian has been around the game for a long time and no doubt he knows a thing or two but that does no mean that you cannot make a mistake. It seems that Sarkesian is somewhat too prideful to admit he could have been wrong about Ewers and where he would be in his development.  And who is to say he will not play at a high level the next game?  Okay, likely not but the point is, when Ewers is playing that poorly it is evident to most that we are not going to have a good night nor likely win. Why is it that he will not sit Ewers down and try to get him back on track after a couple of series if Card is no better?  I do get that he does not want a QB controversy but I would rather see him try this than to lose.  After all its not about keeping your pride in tact or being worried about how your main QB will feel if you take him out of the game.  It is first and foremost about doing whatever it takes to WIN! If Ewers is that sensitive where Sarkesian would destroy his confidence by making him sit I would say that he had none to begin with.  If Ewers starts to stink it up at Kansas I sure hope that this is a consideration because up to now it has not been. Much like the play calling Sarkesian will ride that Longhorn off the cliff rather than deviate from his system. And you know what they say, pride comes before a fall.   

Don't know if I am full of it but that sure felt good to say.  


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1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

Some free articles on IT about the long ball and it's failures. Good reads but warning not for koolade drinkers.

Here's what bothers me. 

Sark's job is to win games... not coddle one player.  In my view he has thrown away 2 victories over top ten teams because he (for whatever reason) inexplicably stuck with 1 player who played so badly it eliminated almost certain victory.  

Sark hired a great staff 
Recruits gangbusters
Is a great figurehead 


This gives me doubt about him as a head coach.  He fails to do what it takes to win games.  

That and there's a flaw that causes complete breakdowns in the second half.  That problem has carried over from last year…. I don’t think you can blame this on the players.  

I root for Sark.  I want him to succeed.  Okay.... I'll keep watching.   But I think these are valid concerns.  

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