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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-Recruiting)


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2 hours ago, Wayne said:

1)  I give credit to Card for being good, not great.

2) Disagree.  It was 5 quarters before he got hurt and except for the 1st drive of the first game QE was better than good.  Time isn't needed to develop a great college QB.  My examples:  CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, Trevor Lawrence.  Those guys were all great from game 1.  There are other examples.  One I just can't mention.  But the game has changed a lot.   

either JFF or the prima donna of all prima donnas KM.....

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On 10/3/2022 at 10:33 AM, Johnny Depp said:

Quinn was below average in game 1. Game 2 Sark's script had him looking good, although only accounting for 3 points, and failing to protect himself got hurt. He is a Freshman QB with virtually no experience or game reps who comes with a lot of hype, like most highly rated recruits. At this point he won't be 100%, and could easily risk further injury. Quinn's ability to avoid or survive pressure is questionable, especially with a suspect O-line. The sentiment is strong to see his potential upside deliver results, while there is still uncertainty of those results having never taken a snap in the Big 12, and only a few against a P5 team. Quinn is still a project and experiment, far from a proven player like Dak. Ohio State isn't missing him, and in QB prospect shootouts he had accuracy issues, and threw lots of int's. in the open practice. His style of quick release is a bit of a hope and a prayer hoping the offense is successful in pulling down passes when not open, far from the ball control style we are seeing now. A week ago I would reluctantly agree to put him in and see what happens, while keeping him on a short turnover leash. Anyone stating as fact that QE is the superior QB at this point in his career is merely opinion, there is no "book" on him. 

 To continue the false premise of teams loading up the box and stopping Card after putting up 28 points in barely a quarter is ignoring the truth where there is a book on him. With no run support, Sark and Card carved up WV masterfully, just like the week before, and the week before etc. The team is behind Card and the O has been putting up plenty of points to win. Trying to fix what isn't broke, with an unknown quantity when every game counts is a risky move. If Card wasn't keeping Quinn honest as a clear cut winner in the QB1 competition, why did it take so long?

I agree.  Game 1, I was not impressed with Quinn.  Game 2, he was impressive with his throws.  Card holds the ball too long some times and ends up getting sacked.


I watched Quinn throw during warm ups prior to the WV game.  I just didn't see any zip on his passes.  As opposed to Malik Murphy who definitely had some zip.

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