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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-Recruiting)


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14 minutes ago, NEOkHorn said:

I think him traveling with the team is a big deal. Young players and especially young leaders need to be around the team if at all possible in my humble opinion. If it is not detrimental to his health in any way.

Him traveling to Lubbock leads me to believe him playing against West Virginia the following week is a legit possibility.

Maybe I'm being dumb, though.

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8 minutes ago, satam55 said:

Chip Brown outright reported today he expects Card to start. Ketch has been hinting all week that Card is adamant about playing this week.

I hadn't had a chance to check 247 yet, but if that's the case, hopefully Wright is inserted immediately if Card struggles with that ankle.

The last thing Sark wants is to have to start Wright in Lubbock.

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16 minutes ago, texbound said:


Also, Anwar said he was starting to mount Bevo which is misleading.  The video shows the guy didn't even get over the gate before he was pulled back.  Come on man, report stuff correctly.

Are minor details like that really important? Come on man, can't expect the press to mess up reporting with facts.😆

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