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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)


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Let's take a reality check after the high we are all on.

Our defense is tied for 33rd in scoring.

Our offense is tied for 58th in scoring.

There are lots of other stats, but the scoreboard is what matters. Almost all of the Big 12 ahead of us. Bama may not be the dominant team they have been in the past? 

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17 minutes ago, North Texas Golfer said:

Once again, consider the source. 

Yes, but just needed to clarify for those who can't read updates as much as others.

I haven't seen anything that Patterson is a real candidate for Nebraska, other than people assuming he's interested because he's not a head coach right now.

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22 minutes ago, longhorn_mig said:

So Youre Telling Me Theres A Chance GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

I think it's mostly a strategy of Sark not wanting anyone knowing what's going on with injuries, but thought it was interesting that he included Ewers on that.

Not expecting Quinn until OU week, at the earliest, but maybe we get lucky. 

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