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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)


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Probable two deep on the Oline

LT - Banks, Karic

LG - Connor, Omeozulu

C - Majors, Parr/Robertson

RG - Hutson, Campbell

RT - Jones, Williams

That's exciting for the future and worrisome for the present. I still think this line won't be worse than last years.

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lRead this some where relates to top 100 recruits and number of five stars.

Texas 52 recruits  5  5*  Fla.  51 rec.   4  5* seems about right. Then Alabama  19 rec.   6 *  Calif.  21 rec.   5  5* Missouri   9 rec.  2 5*

Thoughts    With other states total of  32  5*.

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1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

How so? Intersept hit WR in the hands.

He still hasn't figured out that you don't need to throw a fastball at 8-10 yards.  That is the difference between a good QB (Thompson) and being really good to great.  Have to have different velocity for different situations. 

I remember telling my QB that he needs to take a little off some his throws in those in close quarters.

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3 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

You are proably right, most QBS throw a fast ball over the middle and touch on swings and in the flat.

We will see how Ewers does in a week.

Both of Casey's Ints today were near the hands of the receiver but both were not very catchable balls.

His 2nd half stat line (especially if you look after the circus play he made to connect on a 60 yard pass after a long scramble) was atrocious.

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