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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)


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6 hours ago, Baron said:

Per Ian Boyd, he thinks the starting OL midseason left to right is:

Banks   Angilau   Majors   Campbell   Conner

No Jones or Karic

One senior two sophs and two true freshmen


I've been thinking for a while that Banks will take over LT after the Bama game.

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I had lunch with an old friend today. Haven't seen him in about 10 years. He is upper food chain of a marketing company that sells college football attire.

He's not a UT fan or anything, so this was straight stuff from him.

He pointed out to me the difference in sales between Texas and OU. He said "put "beat Texas" on anything and you can sell it forever to OU fans."

"Put beat Oklahoma or OU on Texas stuff, and it doesn't sell too well."

I asked him why.

"We have no surveys to use on something like this, but I would imagine Texas fans just don't like putting "OU" in print and wear it."


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9 minutes ago, Baron said:

Just heard Ketchum say not a single coach is pulling his weight in recruiting. This dude is a Bozo.

I listened to a few of his videos on YouTube. Dude just likes to hear himself talk and doesn't even allow his guests to complete a sentence. Click bait is all he is. Nothing tangible or informative. Pure speculation and hyperbole.

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48 minutes ago, HORNfromETX said:

Light the tower! Texas mens golf wins the title over Arizona St.

How many NC is that for Texas this year?  Didnt the womens track team win a natty as well and Im sure the swim team also won one this year.

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