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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)


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19 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I agree. It would be best if we could have kept Thompson. The room needs competition.

What I don't like is A)Thompson apparently expected Sark to take no one in this class at QB, and/or B ) He doesn't think he can compete with Ewers.

Sark placed his faith in Thompson, stayed with him when everybody was calling for him to replace Thompson. He got more than a fair shake here. So I don't understand why he's left the team.

Were you there?  He was.   He doesn’t owe any of us an explanation. 

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20 hours ago, DBut82 said:

I think Casey is just "tired". He stayed patient and persevered behind Elingher. Flashed his capabilities. The bowl game. Only to start the season QB2 behind Card. He takes that and get his shot. Played his heart out threw injury and at times even carried the team on his back. Only to get to off-season and constantly hear that he's not the guy. I mean, he's not the mold of what Sark likes at the position and it's now been made abundantly clear. Not that he's "owed" anything but, imo, he probably feels that he has given everything he can to the program and doesn't feel appreciated. Not saying I agree with any of that but I'm trying to possibly look at it from his perspective. I wish him well and hope we don't have to play him 🤘🏿

I am probably going to get flamed for this post but NFG.  You know you are my brother @DBut82 so this isnt directed at only your post.

I dont get it.  What is this The University of Casey Thompson?  Why he left doesnt matter he is leaving by his own choice.  I dont blame him but I am not going to cry a river of "We will miss you!".  Some of you guys get so emotional with the common accolades "played his heart out" blah blah.  Seriously how many players say "FU" team and fans when the bowl game comes around because they want to protect their NFL future?  We see it more and more.  How many recruits ditch UT for other schools even though they grew up longhorn fans for money or NFL aspirations?  Yet we are all supposed to show empathetic FEELINGS for players that do this to the team.  He left by his own choice.  Bye!  He is thinking of himself and thats his life.  I dont blame him for it but wont kiss his ass for it either.  I will support the players that stay on the team

Roschon is a team player.  Played a different position to help his team.  Plays with heart.  That is a player I salute.  Not Casey Thompson.  Casey said something like "I think I had a good game but I cant make the defense do their job."  I am paraphrasing of course but it was after a game the defense sucked.  How did that look to the fam?  Even though its true I am sure it didnt go well with the family in the locker room. 

Yes players leave early for the NFL or transfer or sit out games.  Thats their choice but its my choice who I support.  I have said many times VY is my fav.  I realize he left early for the NFL but he had nothing left to prove except for winning the Heisman which he should have won regardless.  He wouldnt leave his team hanging in a bowl game.  Hes a true longhorn.  Players like him and Roschon are the players I salute not players like Casey Thompson.

Nothing wrong with thanking a player but honestly this is business.  You want to win or ne an emo center of caring.  They make business decisions then good luck...next


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3 hours ago, TFloss32 said:

A name that's being hinted at is Brennan Marion of Pitt for WRs coach.

He "very, very" recently followed Sark, per IT, along with other accounts in Texas.


Innovative. Should be a great fit with Sark. Sounds good to me. 

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3 hours ago, TFloss32 said:

A name that's being hinted at is Brennan Marion of Pitt for WRs coach.

He "very, very" recently followed Sark, per IT, along with other accounts in Texas.


Added to the high energy of Choice as the new RBs coach and they should be awesome additions to the staff. Guess I didn't realize we had another opening on the staff.

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