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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)


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48 minutes ago, Drb522 said:

He was a freshman qb and was too athletic to keep off the field.  They wanted to find a way to get him on offense as a sophomore.  WR was the answer.  He was the backup qb as well.  He was always a qb, they just moved him to wr since he was so athletic.  

What happened to that athleticism? The guy can't move to save himself.

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1 hour ago, T-ShirtHorn said:

I hope it is, that’s someone who cares. He’s right they do need to enter the portal, and I would start with the one who took this video and let it out. This dude just got embarrassed, and all he can do is record a coach getting on to them 

Agree. That looks a lot like betrayal.

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2 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

What happened to that athleticism? The guy can't move to save himself.

 IIRC he ran once, on a called keeper wide right 3rd and 3 and got it by outrunning the D to the spot and diving. One of the toughest D's we have faced. He's not slow, but he stays in the pocket (to a fault) perhaps as he is coached not to run? He made multiple passes to Bijan in the outlet (something we hadn't seen) after apparently finding no one open? Looks like a lot of coverage sacks, and I wish he would bolt sooner, but he hasn't (for whatever reason?).

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Read where Joshua Moore represented a faction of the team who had a problem with "The Eyes of Texas" and the perceived conservative stance of UT Football, and this may be a reason for the perception of player's "quitting". 

 Politics and cancel culture and Covid think are no doubt pervasive in this day and age, and would make sense to tie to the unknown "problem" in the locker room?

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5 hours ago, TFloss32 said:

This is supposed to be Coach Davis on the bus leaving the stadium in Ames.


I remember a coach in high school climbing over players and benches on the bus to get to two players who were laughing and joking after we got our asses kicked. Coach Rick Honeycutt.

Not another word was said the entire way home.

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On 11/8/2021 at 6:36 PM, Sirhornsalot said:

From a poster on another board . . . names that have been crossed through are no longer with the team.



The #3 in the nation 2019 recruiting class


Bru McCoy
Jordan Whittington- Talented, but oft injured
Jake Smith
Tyler Johnson-buried on the depth chart
Tyler Owens
Kenyatta Watson
Marcus Washington-Back up WR until injury, program guy.
David Gbenda-Back-up, hasnt shown much yet.. TBD
Brayden Liebrock-was buried on depth chart, injured. No real contribution to date
Chris Adimora-Back-up, TBD
Derrian Brown
Roschon Johnson-recruited as a Qb, back-up RB. love him, but a missed evaluation. Contributor though
Isaiah Hookfin-buried on depth chart
Myron Warren
Javonne Shepherd
Jacoby Jones-starter, program guy
Marcus Tillman-Buried on depth chart. Not sure his story, but hasnt registered a stat this year
T’Vondre Sweat-potential All-Conference player.. TBD
Peter Mpagi
Caleb Johnson
Kennedy Lewis
Marques Caldwell-No stats this year, buried on the depth chart
Jared Wiley-still learning the position, TBD
Willie Tyler
Juwan Mitchell

50% is gone and not a player without a question mark. 

There's no question mark on Roschon Johnson.  He's a very good football player playing a different position.  

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23 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:

On the Coach Davis video...IT saying the player who recorded and published the video isn't at practice and they have a portal article ready to go, but they aren't going to talk about it further until it's official.

Sark let the team decide the fate of this player.


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