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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)


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3 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

Seems like the pay sites are pushing Card.

Not necessarily. Both QBs had a bad day Saturday. But Thompson's was worse. The impressive thing with Card was that he never lost composure Saturday when things weren't going his way. Thompson let some of that bad luck hurt him twice. At least this is what my friend told me.

This was the first time the performances were not relatively even.


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On 8/16/2021 at 3:03 PM, TFloss32 said:

IT was told Card took most of the first team reps today and looked better than Thompson, but both had an improved practice based on Saturday's lackluster scrimmage.

Two sources told them this may have been the first sign of separation between the two.

OrangeBloods saying Card took first team reps again today.

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My, my, my. 

Hayden Connor has already pulled even with Tyler Johnson for the 2nd team RG spot.

I don't know whether to give up on Johnson or be shocked by how good Connor is so early. Or both.


First Team

  • LT – Christian Jones
  • LG – Junior Angilau
  • C – Jake Majors
  • RG – Denzel Okafor
  • RT – Derek Kerstetter

Second Team

  • LT – Isaiah Hookfin
  • LG – Tope Imade
  • RG – Hayden Conner / Tyler Johnson
  • RT – Andrej Karic
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You will notice that there's not a Center listed for the second team OL. That is because there are two, working on a third, and all are listed in the first teamers.

Majors is the 1st team Center

Kerstetter is the 2nd team Center

They are working Angilau as 3rd team Center. Sark wants three. We had two.

Tope Imade took 1st team snaps yesterday I've heard. Kid is 6'6, 367 lbs.



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1 hour ago, bctex1106 said:

Can someone get an update on Omeire? Baizer just tweeted out that he went down in practice... said it looked like the knee. Hopefully not serious

He left the field, then came back several minutes later, then left the field again as he tried adjusting his knee brace.

Apparently the knee, but apparently not that serious since he was cleared to come back in minutes.

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43 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:

IT had an update on WR Troy Omeire and said he sustained a sprained knee only, and should be fine for the opener.

Awesome news.  I'm curious what his mental state will be after this scare though.  He might be physically cleared by the opener, but it will probably take most of year before he is really confident with that knee, imo.  Take it slow with him and hope Marcus Washington can step up in his place.  Hate to say that, but this opens that door for him.

Whitt, Moore, Worthy, Washington and Dixon will get a lot of reps.  Maybe we will see a lot 2 TE sets that get Sanders on the field more.  Sark will figure it out.

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52 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:

IT saying WR Jordan Whittington has a hamstring injury, and will likely sit out the rest of fall camp.

That's an injury that can linger.

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