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Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

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2 hours ago, 63_Texas_1 said:

No offense, but that is my point: 

"Speculation is their game." Speculation is not factual; it's guessing. Their may be often true, but it is speculation, not true journalism; i.e.,factual. Their primary function is being the first one with the stories; thus, drive subscribers, not report verifiable facts. 

On other note of IT, their head editor was the biggest cheerleader for hiring Herman. One of his observations was Herman expected his assistants at Cougar High go keepp their desks and offices clean in case a recruit showed up unexpectedly. He said Herman was a stickler on detail. I asked what about his coaching ability and the country club turned on me. LOL I haven't been at IT for years now,  but I wonder what are his thoughts on the guy he did cartwheels for.

Ketch - his shenanigans speak for themselves to drive subscriptions.




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So this post has nothing to do with any UT sports, this is just me being proud of my daughter. She just got accepted into UT pharmacy school. Sorry for going off topic, but I had to brag a little. Bac

Didn't know where to put this, but here ya go. Looks like Derrian Brown on the road to recovery and at the least he could have a normal life!   

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11 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I'm not saying I'm taking Kenyatta's side here. But I think we can all agree that Watson had improved and shown flashes of some real talent. He had certainly earned the playing time, IMO. I see no excuse for him getting shutout of the last two games.

I hate to say it, but I think we just lost what will be a very good CB who was on his way up.

Since we have seen Watson play hardly any at all, I don't know that we can all agree that Watson had improved or had earned playing time. But I also don't know he hasn't. 

That being said, based on what we have seen from our defensive backs, I don't think he would be any worse. 

And don't even get me started on what is going on with B.J. Foster. 


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2 hours ago, Drb522 said:

I’ll say it, if we want to be Ohio state, let’s get what made them elite to begin with.  Hire Urban Meyer and tell him him he has standards to live up to.  I think he could have Texas in the playoffs in 2 years.  

Urban Meyer didn't make them elite. They were already elite. Only 3 losing seasons, and one .500 season, in the previous 50 years prior to him. He did take them to a little higher "elite" level. 

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With the Longhorns having lost at home to TCU, Herman shifts into save-the-season mode. There are reports and indications that with a few more losses, he could be scrambling to keep a job that some consider to be one of the three or four best in the entire sport.



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“Texas is in a position where it’s already laid off like a dozen or more staff members in the athletic department, it’s earning $100 million of revenue this offseason. I have a very difficult time envisioning Texas raising, even with its boosters, $20 million in this climate to fire Tom Herman this season, unless the wheels absolutely fall off this and he finishes with a losing record or something.”



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