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Harsin will be new coach at Arkansas State

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I am hoping that works to our benefit. I originally liked the idea of Harsin but quickly changed my mind. It was good style for boise st but not for UT. I prefer, after seeing what he did with the O, a more traditional style. The system Colt ran was very very efficient. It seemed at times this year that the style of ball changed every week instead of allowing the players to get comfortable with a system or style and excel.

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The style of offense Colt ran isn't necessarily traditional. It was a spread and spread offenses are relatively modern. Also Harsin's offense was successful, there's no denying that. So in one sense I'm disappointed to see him go because I actually liked most of his play calling and the style of offense he runs. With a better QB his pffense would be even better. But he may have rubbed some players the wrong, way which may shed light on the rumor of why M. Brown thought about transferring or why Juco QB's have been deciding to look else where.


If Harsin does leave I fully expect Major to take over as OC. I don't see Mack bringing in anyone to mix things up even more on offense after making positive steps this past season.

If Applewhite coaches with the same personality he played with then I wouldn't doubt players respect him and enjoy him as a coach/coordinator. Which could be a positive in recruiting this off-season. We don't know much about Applewhite as a play-caller. But I do know he was a smart QB and has done a decent job in his short opportunities to call the plays. I assume if Applewhite becomes the lone OC that Mack would also have more say in the play calling, since he is an offensive minded guy himself. I don't think Mack would have a ton of say in it, unless Applewhite began calling bad games. But i do think he would mentor Applewhite in his first big gig.


With this all said, if Harsin does leave then I'd be all for seeing what Applewhite can do.

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I'm also going to paint a picture using a lot of "if's"/opinion so bear with me... But If Harsin takes this job (which is pretty much confirmed) and if Major is promoted to the lone offensive coordinator role for UT then essentially this is a big job interview/try out for him. I say that because i believe Mack is gone after next season (my opinion). IF Mack leaves and a new Head Coach is brought in then I'd bet he would bring in his own offensive coordinator, which means Applewhite would probably be gone (unless the new HC has some ties with Applewhite).


To sum it up, this is a one year experiment for Applewhite to impress, IF he gets promoted.

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Texas has an abundance of exciting players at the skill position and more on the way. Next season Jake Oliver comes on board and I am really excited by this kid. He is going to be a monster. We are going to need someone to know how to use these weapons. This season Dje, Monroe and our Goodwin were never fully utilized.


We need to attack the edges with these players and quit the straight ahead with a cloud of dust. That worked on the average teams but against TCU, OU and KSU, not so much. We don't have the QB's so we need someone to run a option based spread offense..If Major, fine but we have to use these assets and not just once or twice a game..

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