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The 2018 Schedule


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Texas 2018 Schedule and Way Too Early Predictions


1. @ Maryland Terrapins (4-8 in 2017) – After the debacle in 2017, you'd think Tom Herman and the Horns will have this one penciled on the calendar already. Its the first game of a new season and its on the road. Plenty to worry about for Herman and staff. That said, we're not the same team we were last year. We no longer start a freshman QB and now have an OL worthy of game planning for. Orlando's defense should get a test here with some new faces in the secondary and in the interior.

Texas 42

Maryland 21

2. Tulsa Golden Hurricane (2-8 in 2017) – Tulsa will hope to rebound from a dismal season last year. But even last year, they had the potential to do great things as evidenced by their convincing win over Houston. So Texas can't dismiss this as a gimmie game. The Horns will have to work for it. Its the home opener.

Texas 56

Tulsa 17

3. USC Trojans (11-3 in 2017) – Texas will be looking for payback after the heartbreaker last year in LA. And I think they'll get it. USC is no doubt a talented team every year. But they will be looking to replace an AA at QB, AA at TB and many other notable departures. Texas will have home field advantage, as well. Everything spells a Texas win here as USC appears to be rebuilding at the skill positions. This will be USC's second road game in a row, following their conference opener at Stanford.

Texas 34

USC 14

4. TCU Horned Frogs (11-3 in 2017) – What a way to start conference play. Gone is TCU QB Hill and now we have Shawn Robinson. He's athletic and dangerous both in the air and with his feet. This might be our toughest conference game. Its at home though and TCU plays Ohio State the week before.

Texas 17

TCU 14

5. @ Kansas State Wildcats (8-5 in 2017) – KSU is one of the few teams in the Big 12 not breaking in a new QB. They have Ernst back and plenty of weapons around him. Defense appears to be the same Snyder tough standard they usually have. I believe this is Snyder's last season at KSU and I even think he announces prior to the Texas game at some point. Its tough to beat KSU, even tougher to do that in Manhattan.

Kansas St 27

Texas 24

6. Oklahoma Sooners (12-2 in 2017) @ Dallas –  Gone is the Heisman winner. Gone is his AA left tackle Orlando Brown, and a host of other big players on both sides of the ball. Texas matched up well with OU last year despite being very young. The tables are much more even if not tilted in Texas' direction this time. By the way, don't be surprised if OU comes into this game with a loss in their opener against FAU.

Texas 36

OU 14

7. Baylor Bears (1-11 in 2017) – The only way Texas loses this game is if we come into it sleepwalking and looking ahead. I don't think that happens.

Texas 54

Baylor 25

8. @ Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-3 in 2017) – Stillwater is never an easy place to play, especially at night. But gone are a number of their primary weapons, including their AA QB. Nevertheless, the Mullet seems to have established a plug and play system that works for them. OSU will be down, but should not be taken lightly.

Texas 24

OSU 21

9. West Virginia Mountaineers (7-5 in 2017) – Returning arguably the best QB in the Big 12 and possibly a Heisman candidate, the Mountaineers are going to contend for the title in 2018. Their weakness is their depth. If they stay healthy, Texas will have their hands full.

West Virginia 32

Texas 30

10. @ Texas Tech Red Raiders (6-7 in 2017) – I expect Tech to struggle, even offensively, in 2018. Another new QB must emerge and at other key positions. While Kingsbury has a knack for finding QBs, he's not in a position to not have success. I expect this will be his last season in the panhandle if the season heads south for them, again. Texas won't save him this time.

Texas 45

Texas Tech 16

11. Iowa State Cyclones (8-5 in 2017) – The Cyclones always play Texas tough. Any time they win, its a signature win for their program. They established some momentum last year that I expect to carry over, despite their losses to graduation. Still, this one's at home and we're finding ourselves by this time in the season.

Texas 47

Iowa State 18

12. @ Kansas Jayhawks (1-11 in 2017) – Texas will not overlook KU this time, especially with a possible date in the conference championship on the line. Herman convinces his team KU is primed to upset us and his team will believe him.

Texas 57

Kansas 10


Obviously, my predictions reflect a belief in resolving many of the issues we had last year. In 2018, we'll have depth and options along the OL. We'll have depth at QB and WR. We'll have two TEs who are going to be VERY good. Brewer is already showing glimpses of David Thomas. At TB, I think Ingram starts soon after the season begins. He's that good. He just needs to stay healthy. Hopefully, Johnson can return and log some time without injury.

What say you?


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week 1- Texas 28-10 W.......Texas will be playing with more passion and fire than we have seen in years. They will know not to look past this team and get redemption 10 fold.

week 2- Texas 41-17 W....TU cannot hang. not even in the same league... watched them live in 2017 and if we don't do as we wish to them then something is wrong

Week 3 Texas- 24- 21 W..... Down year, showed even with strictly heart we can beat em. put experience with it and UT gets a close W

Week 4 Texas 21-17 W Patterson will have his boys ready but they lost a keys piece of there puzzle.... beat em at home

week 5- Texas- 31-17 W...

week 6=Texas- 34-10 W Not banking on kylar murry, Land thieves take a step back and lose a few this year and Coburn tweets Mayfield after the game while he is getting ready for a Canadian league game

week 7-Texas 45-17 W---- Baylor sucks...  

Week 8- Texas- 28-7 W osu will be starting a true freshman QB, and if they are not I like our chances even more. THey have a badass RB but Orlando scheme proved he can stop that....8-0 and making a national push

week 9- Texas 17-21 L agree toughest game of the season

week 10- Texas- 35- 21 W air raid always tough

week 11- Texas 10- 17 L lay an egg against a well coached ISU team who is known to be season killers.

Big 12 title game VS- WVU---- 24-17 W...... tough to beat Herman and Orlando twice.

this to is all based off of strength of the big 12 and our new found OL talent. anything less than 9 wins is a let down. Texas has experience and showed they have the heart. Going to be a awesome ride. Hoping for a year back on top or near it..... its not drinking Kool-Aid. this could and SHOULD happen.

10-2 with Big 12 title........ hate me if you wish.

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Thinking 8-4 as a worse case scenario with 10-2 a best case. For me, anything less than 9-3 will be a disappointment. I will be "happy" with 9-3, happier with 10-2, and ecstatic with 11-1.

Six games that we should definitely win

Maryland, Tulsa, Baylor, Tech, Iowa State, Kansas

Six games that are 50/50



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Couple of notes.

Ertz graduated from K-State.  They return 10 on offense but did lose a few on a defense that wasn't very good.  This game scares me the most being it's @ Manhattan

While I agree the OU opener against FAU could be interesting, don't forget they play @ Iowa State 2 weeks later and we all know what playing them at home is like.  I bet Chip and UCLA puts up points on them as well.

Agree on beating USC, think we'll see a ND like atmosphere.

West Virginia will still have a crappy defense.

No reason to lose to Maryland.  They do return all 5 OL and the RB's but lost a ton on defense, entire front 7 and a couple of DB's.  It'll be interesting to see them in Matt Canada's offense.

The 4 game stretch of USC-TCU-KSTATE-OU will be the tell tale of the season IMO.  Go 3-1 or 4-0 then look out.

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2 hours ago, Slimer said:

Couple of notes.

Ertz graduated from K-State.  They return 10 on offense but did lose a few on a defense that wasn't very good.  This game scares me the most being it's @ Manhattan


Thanks for that. That means that other QB who ate our lunch will be their guy. He had wheels and was a good decision maker.

The thing I think about with regard to FAU . . . OU would be a statement game, put them on the map so to speak. Secondly, its Lane Kiffin.

OU might win, but they'll have to sweat it out if they do.

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On 2/10/2018 at 2:04 PM, Sirhornsalot said:

With an experienced QB and playing at home, TCU only scored 24 (against a lame OL and frosh QB).

New QB in a hostile environment the size of which he's not seen before. TCU still has to outscore their opponent.

I agree with your analysis. BUt Texas has been Patterson's bitch. Until I see it happen I am not predicting a Texas win in this game..

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On February 10, 2018 at 2:04 PM, Sirhornsalot said:

With an experienced QB and playing at home, TCU only scored 24 (against a lame OL and frosh QB).

New QB in a hostile environment the size of which he's not seen before. TCU still has to outscore their opponent.


I had to sign in because I couldn't let that comment pass.  If you watch this game, Patterson has implemented the 'Kenny Hill is no longer going to get us beat' strategy.  

Texas was out of their league and never threatened.  TCU jumped into the lead and ran the clock out.

Now, for your 10-2 prediction in 2018 and a victory versus TCU in Austin - you might be correct.  We will see.

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