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“HORN IN" On Franchise / Business Ownership

a monthly post with blurbs, links, and other words-of-wisdom

regarding self-employment; career transition;

and franchise / business ownership;

as well as information for business owners

who may be interested in franchising their business.


February  2018


Franchise Opportunity Knocks

Self-employment Beckons

Start answering the call right here.

News you can use to help you find

The right franchise / business opportunity for you.


You desire to be self-employed…

What is preventing you from moving towards that dream?

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.” Are you allowing your professional life to wander aimlessly, or stand still? Do you dislike your corporate job, but don’t know how to find your real niche in life?

Every year, thousands of people dream of owning a business and are drawn to the independence, flexibility and freedom of being self-employed. The job market as we have known it continues to change, so people are retooling their vision of how they will make a living in the years to come. This is driving people of all ages and career types to pursue self-employment options, including small business ownership as the “new” career of choice. Today, creating your own job has become the new path to job security. 

Would this scenario be of interest and value to you… a process where you receive assistance to help you better identify your goals, financial requirements, lifestyle needs and what you would like for your work-life to look like; then provided information on self-employment options and guidance on exploring these opportunities within the confines of a safe and no-obligation environment. 

If you are ready, let’s discuss a methodical approach

(not a one-time event)

and an informative journey through the exploration / discovery process. 

A franchise / business opportunity may not be right for everyone and they are certainly not all created equal, but a good business model can lower the risk factor and accelerate one’s potential for long term success. The key is finding the right match between the franchise / business opportunity model and the owner-operator.

A window of opportunity won’t open itself…

Why Should I Utilize a Franchise Coach?

There are many advantages to getting help from a professional who knows the inside workings of an industry or issue. Just having someone who can help interpret the jargon associated with a topic that is new to you can be a tremendous help. Most people wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer or purchase a home without the help of a realtor. A franchise coach can help you identify businesses that are closely aligned with your talents, interests and goals. Yes, you could spend months researching different options on your own, but you could be very diligent in your efforts and still miss the  opportunity that is a fit for your objectives, lifestyle needs and investment requirements.

The Internet is a valuable tool for research, but it is limited. If you do not know where to look or if you rely on search engines to produce the results, you will only find the companies that have paid to be listed high in the search rankings. High visibility on the Internet does not correspond to the relative value of a business opportunity. Due to the immense amount of data that is available on the Internet, it tends to create more questions than answers and it can be a frustrating experience.  Due to the vast amount of data and information, relying solely on the Internet can be an over-whelming experience.  And, when folks get over-whelmed…they usually quit.

There are over 5,000 registered franchises and more than twice as many “Business Opportunities” or “Biz Ops” available today. A franchise coach can help you understand the difference between the types of opportunities so you can determine which format is right for you. Whether it is a franchise or Biz Op, there are many terrific choices and invariably there are some bad ones. A competent coach can help you focus on businesses that have met certain quality standards and help you avoid making a potentially big mistake. Coaches may not have current agreements with every franchise, but they can often obtain the listing if it meets your requirements as well as their own standards. The key advantage is that the agreements they do have are with solid, up and coming or established concepts that will meet the requirements of the new franchise buyer.

One of the biggest challenges for franchise companies is finding entrepreneurs who will be a good fit for their particular business model. As you can imagine, franchisers get thousands of requests for their information packets, but most of these come from people who are not qualified or motivated to actually become a part of their organization. These companies generally cannot support the amount of staff necessary to do an effective job of bringing in new franchisees. This is why the value of a coach-referred candidate is so significant. The company is being introduced to a pre-screened individual who meets the basic requirements, is informed about the opportunity and is more than just casually interested. This saves the franchiser a great deal of time and money, so they pay a fee to the coach if the candidate buys a franchise. This creates a winning scenario for all parties involved.

In the final analysis, the choice and the responsibility for researching the opportunity are yours, but as you contemplate such a huge decision, you should not leave any stones unturned. Getting help from an experienced coach is one of the best resources you can employ and since the seller pays the fee, the service is free to you. So, the question becomes: Why not use a coach?

Are you in career transition, or contemplating making a change?  Would you like a "sounding-board"?  As a former Human Resources executive, Franchise Owner, and now a Franchise Coach / Consultant, I have over three (3) decades of assisting folks with career transition.  Plus, I have personally walked down that path a couple times myself.  If you would like to visit about career transition in general, entering self-employment via a franchise or business opportunity and / or UT sports, please call me at your convenience… 210-479-2491, or if outside San Antonio, 888-479-2491.  Or shoot me an email with your phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) to call you.  I will gladly provide complimentary advice and counsel. And, remember, I'm a coach, not a sales person.

Have a job you don’t like?  Seeking other employment:  I call that “Changing Your Curtains”.  Perhaps, you prefer a bolder approach which may provide a new and invigorating work-life:  I refer to that as “Changing Your View”.  In 2001, I decided to “Change My View”.  If you are ready… Let’s Talk.  I can help you “Change Your View” too…

Don't Just Change Your Curtains...

Change Your View. I DidMy Story 


Can I Use My 401(k) to Start a Business?

By Molly Klein – Benetrends

Entrepreneurs have options when it comes to financing their small business dreams. Bank loans, grants, and help from family members are all options, but may not do the full job when it comes to providing needed startup funding.

As seen in the article, Top 20 Web Resources for Business Newbies, there are multiple resources that can provide guidance and recommendations, including the use of existing retirement savings as a funding source. This article explores how this option works.

How Does Using 401(k) Funding for Startups Work?

The Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS) plan lets you use existing qualified retirement account funds, such as a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA, to fund your business without accruing taxes, debt, or penalties.

What Steps Do I Need to Take?

Using retirement funds for your startup involves four key steps. When working with an established, experienced partner, you can be sure each step is done correctly and you have your funds quickly.

  • Step 1: Establish a C Corporation. Your new business needs to be established as a C Corporation, which has tax advantages that allow for the use of retirement funds with the right legal structure.  Read "The Ups and Downs of Using a C Corporation".
  • Step 2: Create a New Retirement Plan. You need to establish a new qualified retirement plan in the new corporation to avoid withdrawal penalties and maintain a tax-deferred status. A Benetrends retirement plan expert will work you to understand your long- and short-term goals and structure the retirement plan accordingly.
  • Step 3: Transfer Retirement Funds. After the new plan is designed, a plan custodian is designated. The custodian creates the new retirement account and helps with the rollover of funds from your existing retirement account.
  • Step 4: Launch the New Business. Once your retirement funds are in place in the new account, they can be invested into stock in your new company. If you designate an investment in the company from among the plan’s holdings, the plan buys stock, giving you the capital required to buy or start running your company.

What Are the Major Advantages?

Using retirement funds for startup costs has several major advantages, including:

  • Tax Benefits. Under the ROBS plan, you maintain tax-deferred status and do not face any early withdrawal penalties.
  • Flexibility. The funds can be used for many different purposes. The money can be used against cash requirements for a Small Business Administration loan, to pay franchise fees, build or renovate a site, or buy equipment. You can even use the funds to pay yourself a salary. You do not need to use all the funds you’re transferred, either.
  • Ease and Speed. In some cases, you can get access to your funds in as little as 10 days. Accessing your funds does not depend on your credit score or having a completed business plan.
  • Peace of Mind. Using your retirement plans means you are not incurring additional personal debt or having to negotiate with lenders for needed funding.

Please call me if you have questions.  I can provide assistance and additional information regarding 401ROBS plans, as well as other funding equipment leasing options.



Is Living A Few Years Of Your

Life Like Most People Won’t,

So That You Can Spend The

Rest Of Your Life Like

Most People Can’t.



Coffee Cafe Business Opportunity

Coffee Café / Coffee Concept… Not a Franchise. Coffee business specialist offering a complete, turnkey package to assist owners in opening their own Cafe. We are not a franchise, do not charge royalties and do not impose restrictions on how the business should be run. These Cafe's offer a warm and inviting atmosphere and offer specialty coffees, teas, blended drinks and light fare for breakfast and lunch. The typical Cafe size is 1200 to 1600 square feet, with seating for approximately 40 customers. Cafe's include a meeting room available for church groups, networking groups, etc. and quickly become the local gathering place in their community.

Features of business: 

·    Semi-absentee or owner-operated 

·     No royalties 

·     Low start-up costs

·     Repeat, loyal customers

·     Set your own hours of operation 

·     On-going operational support from vendors

·     Co-branding potential 

·     Recession resistant 

·      Buying Co-Op      

Company provided support: initial training, on-going 90 day support, help lines, field support, annual meetings, advertising, central purchasing etc. We work with owners through every phase to ensure a smooth opening. Pre-opening services include: 

·     Site selection assistance 

·     Cafe design and layout

·     Third-party financing – attractive lease package in place w/national firm

·      Ordering and coordinating shipment of all furniture, fixtures and equipment

·      On-site assembly of Café

·      Training on espresso/coffee equipment

·      Training for staff scheduling and re-ordering of product

·      Customer loyalty program training

·      Introduction to payroll vendor

Once opened, they have the option to participate in the Buying Co-Op, which provides on-going operational support such as: 

·     Access to proprietary roasters for specialty coffees and teas

·      Access to preferred vendors 

·      On-line sales to Hard Bean customers for coffee/collectibles

·     Store blog site

·     On-line library to access re-order forms, etc.

 Available for passive ownership.

 Cash Investment: $50,000; Total Investment: $139,500 + build-out and working capital


Looking for Texas Hill Country Property

Cabin, storage building, workshop, ponds, water well, and septic on 166 acres.

30 miles northwest of San Antonio / 9 miles southeast of Bandera. 



If you are seeking top-quality financial / investment advice, I highly recommend

Teamwork Financial Group and Doug Moe...Texas Ex.

Doug is the CEO of Teamwork Financial Group in San Antonio.  He is an attorney and CPA.  He has provided valuable insight to me and my wife regarding investment / financial advice, including guidance on having a Will vs. Revocable Living Trust, re-balancing our investment portfolio, as well as assisting us move a portion of our IRA investments into Fixed Asset Annuities.  Over the past several months, I have had a number of very enjoyable meetings with Doug, since we have a tendency to spend time talking sports, as well as financial / investment stuff. Doug played basketball at UT in the 80s and is the son of Doug Moe, the former coach of the San Antonio Spurs. And, a great guy.


Do You Need Furniture Repaired...

If so and in the San Antonio area, CALL Pat Bonney...Texas Ex... Owner of a Guardsman Furniture Pro. franchise...The Most Trusted Name in Furniture Repair. Pat was on the UT baseball team in the early 70s.  I have used Pat's service multiple times for a variety of furniture repairs in my business and home.  Great guy and fantastic service.    

210-849-9663   Email: gfpsa@sbcglobal.net


2017 newsletters; as well as copies of 2016 and 2015 newsletters can be viewed by going to the Franchise Quest Website.  

Click on the Website link below, or go to:


Resource Center > Newsletter


Small / medium size business owners:

Would you like to grow your business by franchising.


$1,000 Referral Bonus $1,000


Additional Information Is Available at Franchise Quest


If you would like to visit, please don’t be shy about reaching out:

I’m a coach, not a sales person.


Hook 'em. 

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