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***The Official Longhorn Frenzy Dedication Thread***

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38 minutes ago, Bear19 said:

If it's Clemson they will say he wasn't SEC ready.

Aggy plays Clemson, at Clemson, this year. They are going to get pounded like a bunch of stray dogs.

In fact, they get Clemson and Bama in a 3-week stretch, both away games. It should be epic. he he

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I love seeing a&m post #wrts, it makes me chuckle. Where I come from it means “We Ruin This State”, which they do. I bet the “ We gotta Pee” conf Glad they came along as a punching bag!

7 hours ago, drgilbert said:


 LMAO. #HookEM!

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32 minutes ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

Jim Bob Cooter says hi! Lol 

Jim Bob is a respectable two names...Jimbo is lame.:D

Googled him and his mug shot came up...wearing the hamburgler striped prison shirt.  Arrested for breaking into a woman's  house and then striping down to his tighty whities prior to being arrested.  With this said, Jim Bob is a tool as well.

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