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3 hours ago, drgilbert said:


I guess these idiots think Texas controls all events in the universe.  Look in the mirror and realize aggy puts themselves in situations and stop blaming others for your deficiencies.  These aggys spend more time focusing on Texas than their own program, that defines there number one issue.

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I went to Freebirds for dinner this fine Sunday evening. The guy behind me in line was wearing an ATM shirt and the girl behind the counter asked him if he watched the game against LSU last night. He said he did and they went on about what a great game it was.

So I looked at him and said "Sounds like it was a barn-burner. What was the score?"


"Wow. 146 points –where was the defense?"

"It was only 31-31 at the end of regulation." 

"62 points is a lot in regulation. How many TDs in OT? Must've been 5 or 6 for each team. Was it good offense or bad defense that pushed the score so high?"

Sidestepping my question, he said "You must be a Big 12 fan."

"I'm a fan of my alma mater –Texas. I didn't attend the Big 12 and I don't identify with the conference."

He literally looks at his shoes, at a loss for words. I then moved right to ordering and the exchange ended. 

• • • • 

I get a certain satisfaction knowing the conversation concluded with Aggy staring at his shoes.

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