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8 hours ago, drgilbert said:



This is why aggy's move to the SEC has not been productive. When you're more on fire for the conference than you are for the school, it draws attention to the idea that there might be something wrong with your school.

Outside of Bama or Georgia, SEC safeties are pretty much like any Mountain West safeties.

Sayles is a clown.


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1 hour ago, drgilbert said:


It's not often that I invoke the phrase "commode-hugging stupid," but I think its appropriate here.

Jimbo was pretty much hated at FSU there at the end. He saw the writing on the wall and bolted to the only opportunity he had on the table.

Texas has been the most powerful state around for a long, long time. Yet, aggy has nothing to show for it. Between Miami, UF and FSU, you'd get bored counting the national titles in the state of Florida.


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