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Well, he did specify "program."

But even then, you must consider that this is a program that is paying a coach $11 million NOT to coach while paying another another sick amount to take his place.

Even after that, they have the #30th ranked recruiting class in the country.

They don't suck at talent acquisition. They've had some highly ranked classes in recent years. They suck at everything else, especially decision making.

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36 minutes ago, drgilbert said:


This is pure gold. They might as well end up with 0 of the targets mentioned :D

Let's just look at the top 2 'safest' bets:

- Josh Moore: ATM not included in his top 5

- Ossai: Gone to Texas 

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1 hour ago, drgilbert said:

Delusion runs deep in their fan base. 

They are already crowing about Jimbo taking over the state in 2019 and having a top 5 class.  They ain't finishing ahead of Bama', tOSU, USC, Texas, OU, LSU, Georgia, probably a Florida school or 2, Auburn, ND.  The Jimbo era is going to be an epic fail.  I'm not even sure they make a bowl game next year.  Switching to a pro-style offense with that crappy OL should go over real well.  No RB that can run between the tackles, no TE's, Kirk and Ratley are both gone.  Yikes.  Defense will be no better.  No depth on DL, couple of good LB's in Dodson and Alaka but what after that?  Alaka is injury prone.  No CB's because Chief wanted Safety-sized corners like Debione Renfro who can't cover.  I already can't wait to see the failure of aggy in 2018.

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