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***The Official Longhorn Frenzy Dedication Thread***

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4 minutes ago, Oldmanastro said:

What are they talking about? I mean whatever it is already doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t know which incident this is. 

aggy had cups made for concessions for their first game with 74-72 on them to “commemorate” their 7 OT win vs LSU last season.  

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This is so sad. 

drgilbert, please warn LSU fans to caution Ed not to let out the location of the team hotel in College Station. 

Bad things happen when Little Brother gets room numbers of players and locations of dining rooms. 

Look at it this way, there are 5 major conferences.  2/5 of the major conferences’ member schools think Ags are weird. 

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Rewatching game. You pick up so much more on rewatch.

Really proud of T’vondre. He doesn’t move like a big man or run like one. Really an amazing man. 

I think Sam’s timing is just off, for now, with Jake. They need some reps. 

Ingram is running much better this year, including his form. His strides are longer, and he is very smooth. 

O-line. No one is drinking due to their play. Enough said. 

Oh, the Defense.  There have been some young mistakes, but my goodness, they look good. 

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