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Thinking of pulling for OU in the playoff?

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3 minutes ago, Tejano said:

Wonder boy Riley looked pretty average. It was almost like Bush on the sidelines when they kept running the ball.

Let’s be real, he may or may not be a good coach... did you see the team he inherited... tired of season “most wins for first year coach” bs.... he was dealt with a strong suit. 

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5 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I don't care who wins it all. But there are two things I'd like to see happen.

1. OU get donkey stomped on national TV – AGAIN. They crap the bed on the big stage again. lol

2. Bama loses and loses bad. Saban could have declined if he really believed what he said this time last year. Hey Nick, you showed up without a conference championship?

So to sum up:  you don't want ou or bama to win the title.

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