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RIP Tommy Nobis


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Tommy pretty much defined the position of middle linebacker in college ball and later in the pros.  I remember going to the movies with friends during the 1965 Orange Bowl game against Joe Namath and the Bamas.  We tried sneaking up to listen to the game on a portable radio in the restroom, and I could not stand not seeing the game, so I forsook my friends and the movie and ran home to watch the rest of the game.  Tommy was big and violent.  He stuffed plays sideline to sideline.  The position he played does not even exist on today's defenses.  ; )

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One of the greatest players to ever wear the Burnt Orange, the story goes that DKR and his staff were concerned over who was going to wear the #60 after Johnny Treadwell, Nobis not only exceeded Treadwell but insured a legacy that will live forever in the history of the Longhorns


Its too bad that only a few of us on here were old enough to get to see him play and realize he was the gold standard in college linebacker..the Butkis Award should have been named for him



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4 hours ago, primal defense said:

I started watching UT football at the end of the 1963 NC season when Nobis was a sophomore. I got to watch Tommy my first three seasons as a longhorn fan and I've never seen a better defensive player at UT since.


Well said. Also, absolutely correct. He also played guard. A two way player on the '63 natty team as a sophomore. JB was also correct about #60 being worn by DJ. Britt was also deserving along with BJ (Brian Jones). Outside of tham.......glad it is retired!!!

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