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“HORN IN" On Franchise / Business Ownership

a monthly post with blurbs, links, and other words-of-wisdom

regarding self-employment; career transition;

and franchise / business ownership;

as well as information for business owners

who may be interested in franchising their business.


October 2017


Franchise Opportunity Knocks

Self-employment Beckons

Start answering the call right here.

News you can use to help you find

The right franchise / business opportunity for you.


A franchise / business opportunity may not be right for everyone and they are certainly not all created equal, but a good business model can lower the risk factor and accelerate one’s potential for long term success. The key is finding the right match between the franchise / business opportunity model and the owner-operator.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving”.  Are you allowing your professional life to wander aimlessly, or stand still?  Perhaps you are in career transition and have always dreamed about being self-employed?  

Would this scenario be of interest and value to you… a process where you receive assistance to help you better identify your goals, financial requirements, lifestyle needs and what you would like for your work-life to look like; then provided information on self-employment options and guidance on exploring these opportunities within the confines of a safe and no-obligation environment. 

Remember, a window of opportunity won’t open itself!

If you are ready, let’s discuss a methodical approach (not a one-time event) and an informative journey through the exploration / discovery process. 


“Things May Come To

Those Who Wait, But Only

The Things Left By Those Who Hustle”.

                                -Abraham Lincoln


The Biggest Obstacle to Success

Excerpt from Just Shut Up and Do It!

By Brian Tracy

Many years ago I began asking the question, “Why is it that some people are more successful than others?”

The most important answer surprised me, as it surprises most people. It is simple. Your success is based on what you do, the results you get, and how quickly and efficiently you achieve those results. It is not based on what you say, wish, hope, or intend to do at some time in the future. Success is only based on what you are doing right now in this moment. As Henry Ford said, “You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do.”

So how do you get more done and become more successful?  Just Shut Up and Do It!

Fully 95 percent of what you do, or fail to do, is determined by your habits. Your actions are determined by your habits of belief—the way you are programmed as a result of your lifetime of experience—and your habits of behavior—what you are accustomed to doing or not doing.

The biggest obstacle to success is that people have negative habits, sometimes unconsciously, that hold them back, year after year, from realizing their full potential.

The good news is that all habits, first of thought and then of behavior, are learned. Because your habits are learned, they can be unlearned, and replaced with new, positive, constructive habits that enable you to get going, keep going, and do great work that gets you paid more and promoted faster.


Habits are developed by taking in new information that’s either positive or negative for us and then repeating actions based on that information until actions become automatic. Once the habit is locked in you respond automatically, neither questioning nor explaining to yourself what you have decided to do.

The worst habits of all are based on your self- limiting beliefs. These are areas where you believe yourself to be limited in some way even though it may not be true. But as a result, you act as if it was true and it then becomes true for you. The old saying is, “You are not what you believe you are, but what you believe, you are.”

Challenge Your Beliefs

The starting point of greater success is for you to take some time to challenge the automatic assumptions you make that may be holding you back from success.

Some people believe they are lacking in intelligence because they didn’t get good grades in school. Then they find out that some of the most successful people in the most complex industries also did poorly in school.

Some people are unsuccessful because they do not believe they are creative, self- disciplined, good time-managers, punctual, or capable of learning and applying new things. They say, “That’s just the way I am.” They actually think that this is a reason for not growing and improving.

The fact is that most self- limiting beliefs are not true. They are based on information that you have taken in; sometimes they come from the opinions or criticisms of others, sometimes from something as simple as reading your horoscope.

The Brake on Your Potential

The worst of all self-limiting beliefs is the fear of failure. This is the fear of loss, poverty, mistakes, or not achieving a goal that you have set for yourself. People who are preoccupied with the fear of failure continually look for reasons why something cannot be done, why it’s a bad idea, or why they may lose their time and money. The fear of failure, like all fears, paralyzes behavior, clouds thinking, and causes a person to feel like the proverbial deer in headlights.


In my seminars, I often ask, “How do you train an Indian elephant?” At one time, Indian elephants were the “battle tanks” of the Maharajas. Not only did they carry boxes of bowman and spear throwers on their backs, but they were also violent and aggressive, attacking the enemy and impaling them on their sharpened tusks. They were so terrifying and fearless that enemy armies would run away when they were confronted by these elephants.

Today, these same elephants are beasts of burden. They calmly and peacefully plow the fields, haul logs, do what their masters tell them to do, and then stand around quietly in their corrals, waiting for the next day and more work. They have completely lost their ferocity and their ability to strike fear into the heart of the enemy. How did this happen?

The Training Begins

When the elephant was a baby the owner would take the little elephant away from its mother and tie its leg with a strong rope to a post driven deep into the ground. The baby elephant would struggle and try to get away to get back to its mother, crying and bleating and protesting. But to no avail. The rope around its leg was too strong and the post was driven too deep. Eventually, the baby elephant would give up struggling.

Each day, the owner would take the baby elephant away and tie it to a post for several hours. In almost no time at all, the baby elephant would accept that, when it was tied to a post, it was helpless. The baby elephant developed the greatest malaise of the modern world, what psychologists call learned helplessness.

.The Elephant Gives Up

When the elephant grew up into a five-ton beast, the largest land animal in the world, all the owner had to do was tie a rope the size of a dog leash around the elephant’s leg and it would immediately become passive and stop moving or struggling. The owner could then tie the other end of this rope to a tent post driven a few inches into the ground. The elephant, capable of breaking through fences and knocking down houses, would simply stand and wait quietly until the owner came back to take him to work.

 As children, the same thing happens to us. At an early age, our parents begin to say to us words like “No!” or “Stop that,” or “Get away from there!” or “Don’t touch that!” Sometimes the parent would back up these words with spanks or other kinds of physical punishment. The growing child would soon start to feel small, incompetent, incapable, weak, and afraid to try anything new or different.


Most people have had these childhood experiences. Just like the elephant, when you grow up whenever you are confronted with something new, different, unexpected, or unsure your natural reaction is the same, “I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!”

This fear of failure then holds you back from trying new things, taking risks, moving out of your comfort zone, and thinking outside the box. Instead of thinking of all the ways you could benefit and grow from trying or doing something different, you only think of the possible downside and the negative things that might happen. Like the Indian elephant, you become passive. This is the state of mind of fully 80 percent of the population.


Here’s a question for you: Would you like to be happy, healthy, popular, thin, and rich?

Most people say, “What a dumb question! Of course I would like to be happy, healthy, popular, thin, and rich.”

You think you do, but in your heart of hearts you probably don’t believe that it’s possible for you. How can you tell? By looking at what you are doing. If you sincerely want to achieve these great goals, you would be out there working on them all day every day and nothing could stop you from achieving them. 


It is not what you say, wish, hope, or intend that matters, it is only what you do. Your actions on an hour by hour, minute by minute basis tell you and everyone around you who you really are and what you really want.

You are what you are and where you are today because of all of your previous choices up until now. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future. You can accomplish more and different things in the future by making better choices in the present.


Since 95 percent of what you do, positive or negative, is determined by your habits, the secret to creating a wonderful future for yourself is to develop new habits that are consistent with the person you want to be and the things you want to accomplish.

The truth is that bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with. Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with.

 The wonderful discovery is that once you develop a new, positive, life-enhancing habit, it soon becomes automatic and easy. It even becomes harder to revert to a negative habit than to practice a better one because of the feelings of happiness and personal satisfaction that the new habit gives you.


You desire to be self-employed…

What is preventing you from moving towards that dream?


Is Living A Few Years Of Your

Life Like Most People Won’t,

So That You Can Spend The

Rest Of Your Life Like

Most People Can’t.



The following concept is a business opportunity and is not a franchise. 

It is a sales and project management oriented light manufacturing business.


Of all the concepts I have presented to my clients, this is my most favorite.  I really like this business and organization.  It validates extremely well and provides an opportunity to grow a large business from one location, rather than buying multiple territories.

 This business opportunity is unique in several different ways. One of the ways is how they are operated. 

  • 60% are solely owned by a male.
  • 6% are solely owned by a female. 
  • 33% are owned and operated by a husband & wife. This is an unusually large percentage for the Franchise / Business Opportunity world, which is due to the fact that the couple can manage completely different projects and aspects of the business. 
  • 1% are owned and operated by partners, including father-daughters, siblings, and general partnerships

Our economy has for generations been fueled by manufacturing, both heavy and light. Light manufacturing is an environment with no loud noises, no noxious odors, no dangerous chemicals, and no dangerous equipment. Much of the light manufacturing over the years has gone overseas due to economics.  Some manufacturing remains here due to different factors including; technology, unique raw materials, the need to be close to the customer, or the custom nature of small run production. Many individuals in our economy come from the world of manufacturing and have the desire to make a product from raw materials.  They like the processes involved in manufacturing. They like the tangible results of what they have made.  They like the single location nature of the industry, the regular hours it operates, the project scheduling, the ability to acquire the property in which they are located, and they understand the resale value of a manufacturing business. 

  • Picture yourself in a manufacturing business where your staff makes a product from raw materials. Its custom production, so every day is different, and you will see tangible, visible results of your efforts driving home.
  • It’s close to home, in a low overhead, business park location, operating Monday-Friday 9-5 (no nights, weekends, or holidays) with a small staff of career employees.
  • There are no loud noises, noxious odors, or dangerous chemicals, even have carpeting on the floor.
  • It’s a relationship business with repeat customers, where 30 of those customers can equal 75-80% of your revenue.  Many of those customers may be regional, national and even international in scope.
  •  It’s a non-cash transaction business (check and charge), so when you are out seeing customers, you don’t have to worry about who’s holding the money.
  • When you are ready to sell, it will sell for a greater multiple of cash flow than most business models because of the manufacturing sector you are in, the small core of repeat customers, and the profit margins obtainable due to the custom nature of the business.

 This concept is a light manufacturing business   opportunity ….manage a light manufacturing business to achieve a high equity return.  This business has evolved and changed over the years due to advancements in technology and new materials.

It's personable, creative, rewarding and ideal for people-oriented individuals who have the desire to learn how to manage a sales and production business. The ongoing support and training provided along with state-of-the-art equipment will leave the competition behind. But most importantly, you own your business entirely and there are no royalties.

  • Presently, there are 300+ of these businesses in the U.S. and Canada. 
  • B2B operation, typically M-F, 9:00 to 5:00. 
  • Enjoy a flexible and active lifestyle… An operation in San Antonio closes on Friday at 2:00 pm.  Some are only open M-Th and are closed on Friday.
  • About 75% are closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • Approximately 95% are closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • About 33% are owned & operated by a husband & wife team.  Their business system allows husbands and wives to easily find a role / niche that is compatible with their respective interests / skills and still provide some work separation.  Very few of the franchise / business concepts available today, truly provide an effective business work environment for a husband – wife team.
  • B2B rather than B2C resulting in larger sales transactions, with less emotional purchasing decisions.
  • It is scalable…only need (1) location to grow a nice business.  Provides growth opportunity at lower investment cost through one (1) unit.
  • Requires only a few “career-type” employees…you have greater control and less managerial hassle.
  • Owner can handle the sales, or hire outside sales person(s).
  • Project management type business…manage process & employees.
  • Client Relationship … Consultative Sales>>>Service business>>>Repeat Business with 80% of Gross Sales Coming from Less than 30 Customers… This is a “relationship” business.
  • Manufacturing businesses have the highest resale value…build equity for retirement.
  • Every business is a potential customer.
  • Business has synergistic opportunities with other operations.  Your operation does not have to manufacture all of the different products.  You can take an order from one of your customers and farm out the work to another operator and both make money on the sale.
  • Business is not limited to your local area…you may have customers in other parts of the U.S. or the world.  Business located in the XYZ  area, but can sell and market product anywhere in the world.
  • Ideal for people-oriented individuals who possess good interpersonal, communication and project management skills.
  • Custom production providing opportunity for creativity. Producing a tangible product.  Every customer and job is different.  Oversee production from beginning to end.  A business that provides creativity and innovation, coupled with repetition.
  • Don’t get stuck in the office all day.  Provides the environment for a combination of “inside” work tasks with “outside” marketing / sales activity.
  • Company provides their owners a two (2) year Sales & Marketing program. 
    Their sales program is based on “relationship building” and turning your satisfied customers into an external sales force.
  • Company has a 29+ year history of growth and success.
  • Investment: $195,000  
  • If you would like additional information, or to discuss in further detail, please call or send me an email with phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) for me to call you.


    Are you in career transition, or contemplating making a change?  Would you like a "sounding-board"?  As a former Human Resources executive and now a Franchise Coach / Consultant, I have over three (3) decades of assisting folks with career transition.  Plus, I have personally walked down that path a couple times myself.  If you would like to visit about career transition in general, entering self-employment via a franchise or business opportunity and / or UT sports, please call me at your convenience… 210-479-2491, or if outside San Antonio, 888-479-2491.  Or shoot me an email with your phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) to call you.  I will gladly provide complimentary advice and counsel. And, remember, I'm a coach, not a sales person.

    Have a job you don’t like?  Seek other employment:  I call that “Changing Your Curtains”.  Perhaps, you prefer a bolder approach which may provide a new and invigorating work-life:  I refer to that as “Changing Your View”.  In 2001, I decided to “Change My View”.  If you are ready… Let’s Talk.  I can help you “Change Your View” too…

    Don't Just Change Your Curtains... Change Your View. I DidMy Story 


    Looking for Texas Hill Country Property

    Cabin, storage building, workshop, ponds, water well, and septic on 166 acres.

    30 miles northwest of San Antonio / 9 miles southeast of Bandera. 



    If you are seeking top-quality financial / investment advice, I highly recommend

    Teamwork Financial Group and Doug Moe...Texas Ex.

    Doug is the CEO of Teamwork Financial Group in San Antonio.  He is an attorney and CPA.  He has provided valuable insight to me and my wife regarding investment / financial advice, including guidance on having a Will vs. Revocable Living Trust, re-balancing our investment portfolio, as well as assisting us move a portion of our IRA investments into Fixed Asset Annuities.  Over the past several months, I have had a number of very enjoyable meetings with Doug, since we have a tendency to spend time talking sports, as well as financial / investment stuff. Doug played basketball at UT in the 80s and is the son of Doug Moe, the former coach of the San Antonio Spurs. And, a great guy.


    Do You Need Furniture Repaired...

    If so and in the San Antonio area, CALL Pat Bonney...Texas Ex... Owner of a Guardsman Furniture Pro. franchise...The Most Trusted Name in Furniture Repair. Pat was on the UT baseball team in the early 70s.  I have used Pat's service multiple times for a variety of furniture repairs in my business and home.  Great guy and fantastic service.    210-849-9663   Email: gfpsa@sbcglobal.net


    2017 newsletters; as well as copies of 2016 and 2015 newsletters can be viewed by going to the Franchise Quest Website.  

    Click on the Website link below, or go to:


    Resource Center > Newsletter


    Small / medium size business owners:

    Would you like to grow your business by franchising.


    $1,000 Referral Bonus $1,000


    Additional Information Is Available at Franchise Quest


    If you would like to visit, please don’t be shy about reaching out:

    I’m a coach, not a sales person.


    Hook 'em. 

    Larry S. Powell
    Franchise Quest
    Outside San Antonio: 888-479-2491 
    Skype: franchisequest


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