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Chris Warren III


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After watching yesterday's press conference with Coach Herman and reading Coach Beck's comments following Saturday's game I believe the coaches know they dropped the ball (pardon the pun) in utilizing Chris Warren.

Coach Herman was extremely defensive when he was questioned about Warren's lack of rushing attempts. He actually referenced the San Jose State game as an example that they were getting Warren involved, which made no sense to me. Herman also implied that the 3.9 yards avg yards per carry was proof that running Warren would not be effective. Both of those responses were feeble attempts to defend the play calling. I believe Herman knew they were poor excuses and that's why he became agitated when it was brought up again.

Since Coach brought it up lets examine Warren's early production against San Jose State compared to the USC game.

His first four rushing attempts in the SJSU game gained a total of 20 yards. His fifth carry was 8 yards, his sixth was 26 yards, and his seventh was 41 yards. His average increased from 5 yards per carry to 13.5 yards per carry in three additional attempts.

His only four against USC gained 15 yards. Its also worth noting that Warren gained 3 yards on his only carry during our first offensive series. He gained 3 yards and 4 yards respectively during our fourth series in the 2nd quarter. He gained 5 yards on his final carry during our last drive of the game. Big backs tend to wear down a defense and find more success as the game progresses.

I'm not saying Warren would have tripled his yardage with three more attempts against USC but it only takes one good run during the course of a game to dramatically increase the yards per carry average. At least give Warren the 5 attempts Porter received. I think he could improve on the 9 total yards and the 3 yard scamper Porter had for his longest run of the day.

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39 minutes ago, DMAC said:

Well said.  

I watched TH presser and he got very defensive with the question about the 4 carries.  TH says well he was only averaging 3.8 and then comments 20 carries = 72 yards.  He was obviously irritated by the question but how do compare averages with only 4 data points is just a bad excuse.  You cant have a run game if you never try to establish a run game.  News flash it takes more 4 carries before you say "We tried but it failed."   Beck called Porter and Warren equals.  Porter should not be carrying the ball.  I remember watching the play where both Porter and Warren were in the backfield and handed off to Porter with Warren leading blocking.  Yea that makes sense doesnt it.  :blink:

I would like to see more Carter and Daniel.  

TH seems to instill a little fear in reporters.  Check out his presser about 20:38 when he was asked about Beck and Warehime.  Notice at the end how he says "Thats an interesting question" and proceeds with blanket stare at the reporter for a few seconds.  ROFL  I couldnt tell but it sounded like Bohls was the recipient which makes it even better if so.



Post this on Ryan Bridges evaluation thread.  Yea I saw the same thing.

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Warren is averaging over 10 yards a catch. .  .if you don't trust him running, throw it to him.  

Against tOSU in the shoe, mack brown started a true freshman rb on what was clearly a much bigger stage with National Title implications.   If you don't trust Warren, get one or both of the true freshmen ready to go.



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