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Game Recap: Texas 56 - SJSU 0 (by Aaron Carrara)

Harrison Wier

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19 hours ago, North Texas Golfer said:

Do not get overly excited about any player who played a good game against San Jose State. 

Be really concerned about any player who did not play good against San Jose State. They should not see the field again.

It was San Jose State. 

We will know who really is a good player and who is not after this coming Saturday night.



SHA made a great point that sometimes gets lost in the cautious expectations.  We did beat a team we were supposed to and kept the shut out.  So many games over the last few years we would lose, Kansas and Iowa State.  We probably lose next week but I am hoping its competitive.

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14 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I would be interested in knowing why Kirk Johnson didn't enter the game at some point. He must still be nursing an injury. Seeing him early as a frosh, he had some lightning in the bottle. Would love to see him play.

I was impressed with both Carter and Young. However, it also tells me that SJSU DL was just not up to par. USC will be day/night different than that.

To beat USC, we're going to have to play lights out defense. Score at least twice on O, once on ST, and once on D. Hopefully, the team stays at a Holiday Inn Express out there.



Just hope it doesn't come down to UT needing a critical (or any) FG. Looks like they'll be SOL in this department.

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I'm definitely preceding with cautious optimism after this game. I haven't had a chance to watch a replay of the game, but some thoughts after watching from the stands:

  1. I loved Malik and Gary on the field together. Still frustrated we didn't see Gary against Maryland, but I'm trying to move on, and I definitely want to see more of that combo.
  2. Keep giving Warren the ball. I'll admit Kyle is a great blocker and he had a couple of good runs, but the majority of his runs were frustrating. I liked what I saw from Daniel and Toneil, even though it was mop-up duty carries. As the season goes on, I hope to see them get more carries.
  3. I thought Sam played an admirable game considering it was his first start as a true freshman. He definitely has some accuracy issues, but I think he will improve over time. I still think you start Shane if he's healthy, but only if he's healthy.
  4. I appreciated the D pitching a shutout, but we got lucky on throws that a more accurate passer would have made us pay for. That said, hopefully this gives the D some confidence.
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6 hours ago, tejasrulz said:


Why do you not want Carter as a RB? He seemed to do well IMHO.  ;)

McCullough has hardly played this year. What have you seen of him to state he should start? I must admit I was wondering why he wasn't seeing the field much myself, just curious what you know or have seen.

I meant Gary Johnson, not Carter.  Carter may have helped at LB vs Maryland??


Both last year and this year, when McCullough is in the game seems to have a knack for being around the ball and does a nice job getting to the QB when he blitzes. 

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