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Projected record the rest of the way


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Does Mack have another year at Texas with a 7, 8 or 9 win season? How about if we win out? I have serious concerns about Mack's ability to get this team up and ready to play on a weekly basis. The fire is not there. We need to rekindle it - FAST.

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Best case scenario: 9-3

Worst case scenario: 7-5


If Texas finishes at 9-3, wins a bowl game that gives them 10 wins. It may be the most overrated 10 win season ever because they beat no one essentially.


If Texas finished 7-5, wins the bowl game that gives them 8 wins. Is that good enough for the higher ups?

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I agree - this team regardless of wins could be the worst we've seen in the Mack Brown tenure. I think Mack AND Diaz are gone at the end of the season. Honestly Diaz could be let go tomorrow and it wouldn't matter. The D is so bad they could let Rod Wright take over and see what he can do until they found a replacement.

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