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Texas vs. Baylor - Is this a season defining game for Texas?


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Texas takes on a Baylor team that is explosive on offense but has a QB in Nick Florence that tends to turn the ball over. Texas has a defense that is struggling to find its own identity. What gives tonight? Texas has lost 2 straight to Baylor and is coming into tonight's game on a 2 game losing streak, all in conference. Is tonight's game a season defining game for Texas and Mack Brown?

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If this was a defining game, then Mack survives.... at least through the end of the year. We lose 2 more games and the debate will be alive and well at the end of the season. For Texas to lose 4 games or more in 3 consecutive seasons is unacceptable. Plain and simple.

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I agree. I take great exception to Mack's comments last night and today about the defense and the negativity towards the program. This is Texas, the expectations are higher and the results should be better. Don't patronize the fans and the media with "this is the norm because its the Big 12." Also, to hear Mack criticize and say there was a lot of negativity this week but those people didn't show up to the stadium is complete BS. Memo to Mack, those who are negative show up because they support the players, they are negative towards you and your staff because you are failing once again to put out a product that lives up the standards of Texas football.


Mack, you and your staff need to realize that you are not living up to the expectations that have been set. Being mediocre is unacceptable. If you hadn't been selfish after 2009 and retired like you should have, this wouldn't be happening. You and you only are to blame for this mess, but you sure as hell shouldn't be allowed to fix it. You have done enough damage already.

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