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Texas Baseball Recruiting


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I thought Pierce did a very nice job this season. The team played hard and executed very well.


I absolutely loved what the Freshmen showed.


I agree, Java.  Pierce will have his hands full this next season, as he tries to combine various experiences and personalities of the incoming guys with the remainder of the team.  The guys like Hamilton, Todd & Reynolds gained valuable experience this season playing as true frosh.  They will improve in the offseason.  The older players will bring some leadership to the team, and the experience of the JUCO guys should be a benefit as well. 


It will be up to Pierce & Co to manage all of this, and if this season is any indication, he has shown that he is settling in just fine. 

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So I have lost track, especially since the draft, but how does our overall class shape up nationally? I'm sure it is fluid as some commits still have a decision to make.

Don't know about a national ranking just yet, but here is who we have.


Chris Fearson

DJ Petrinsky

Duke Ellis

Bryce Elder

Brandon Ivey

Landon Leach (expected to sign)

Tristan Stevens

Kamron Fields

Turner Gauntt

Tristen Lutz (expected to sign)

Bennett Inoff

Cole Quintanilla

Masen Hibbeler

Donny Diaz (50/50 going pro)

Matteo Bocchi

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That's a big class for a baseball team isn't it? Looks like we will be "young" again.

Get used to it. If Pierce has his way, they'll be continually reloading talent to fill spots of those that get drafted. It's really a good problem to have. I also realize that's difficult for some to understand.
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Thanks. Guess I'm just a dumbass. But Twitter drives me crazy and I'm vowing never to open Twitter again.

You're not a dumbass. Twitter takes some getting used to. As someone who isn't familiar with the format, you probably find it nonsensical and frustrating. It took me a while to get used to it as well, so you're not alone. I will tell you that Snapchat gives me the same frustrations. I suppose it's just a generational thing. Email gave my grandparents fits back in the day. My parents "just don't 'get' it" when it comes to Twitter. That doesn't stop my mom from trying to carry on a conversation on there like it's text messaging though. ;)


Hang in there Bear, technology will win you over at some point. :)

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Oh, and there is another '18 commit on the horizon. Donald is all over it and once announced he will post some stuff.


Like what Pierce is doing in this "refilling the cupboard" process. I like the use of JUCO players, and I really hope that he can identify a LHP or two to come in this fall.

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