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Mack Brown vs Bob Stoops


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Since Stoops has been at OU he has realized the importance of this game. It is how he recruits and how he keeps his job. He has a roster of mainly Texas kids so this is the centerpiece of the Sooner season. There is ample evidence that Oklahoma peaks for this game. He seems to not care about what happens after this game. It's all about beating Texas and Sooner nation love the guy.


Mack has never figured this out. He tries to bring his team along and get better as the season goes on. Even last season when the Longhorns went 4-4 after the OU game, they were better than they were in the OU game.


To prove Stoops takes this game as "the game" his record since 2000 and after the Texas game is 77-19. Meanwhile Texas, even with 4 and 5 losses after the OU game the last two years, is72-18 . That's right, Mack has always focused his teams on the season and has actually loss one less game after the TX/OU game. This despite having a 3-10 record in the Red River Rivalry since 2000.


In fact Mack thinks a team should peak in the bowl season. Despite going 3-10 against OU, Texas is 8-3 in Bowl games. Two of those years Texas didn't go to a bowl. They also played in two National Championship games, going 1-1.


Oklahoma in that same period is 7-5. Big Game Bob just doesn't want to be bothered by bowl games. He beats Texas and is loved.


Mack is always looking at the big picture and that being the season. That is what he cares about.


The teams are close even with OU winning 10 of the last 13 TX/OU games. They are so close after that. Twice Texas and OU have been unranked in those 13 years. Both teams have a National Championship and both have played in 2 of those game. OU has been ranked in the top 10, 8 times in 13 years. Texas has been ranked in the top 10, 7 of those 13 years but was ranked number 11 twice.


One team feels the importance of the game and one doesn't. It starts and ends with their head coaches.



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Damn beevomav that was fairly fine statistical prowess! The 3-10 record against the Sooners since 2000 is compelling. Sickening really. A school that calls off class on Monday after beating Texas takes the game seriously.


My uncle from Baton Rouge called me today and razzed me about the game. He said "when will you guys learn that you have a Mack Brown team." No defense and shotty offensive play calling.


I could not refute.


Stoops is unquestionably the better x's & o's guy. Everyone has known this for a while. Mack is the classier of the two though.


If he cannot out-coach Bob Stoops more times than not, we have a problem... which we certainly do now.


It is not that we lost today, it's the way we lost.

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The thing is Stoops is not, in my opinion, a better x and o guy. He is a better motivator. Mack just takes OU as another team on the schedule and tries not to get them too high. Stoops says F@#K that I want em ready to eat sand and shit glass. It is all about the one game.


To me the proof is the record after the game. Bob's team always, except on rare occasions, do worse after the game.

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I just wanted to thank Bob Stoops for making my point. As prepared as OU is vs Texas, that is as ill-prepared against other ranked teams. I had this conversation this morning with a OU fan. Stoops season begins and ends with Texas. His job is not in question like Mack's but he is not a great coach.

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It plays out this way nearly every year.. after the Red River Shoot Out Stoops quits coaching and Brown goes to work..If I had my life on one game and had a choice of the two..I'll take Coach Brown every time over the fake as Stoops.


Hook Em!

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