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Mack has to go...


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Of the coaches you've listed, I'd rank them as follows excluding the ones I have no interest in whatsoever.


1. Chris Peterson

2. Dan Mullen

3. Gary Patterson

4. Art Briles

5. Charlie Strong

6. Kirby Smart


Let's face it. Saban and Meyer won't be available because both Bama and OSU can afford to match whatever offer we made. Plus, I don't think either's personality will work at Texas. What about Major Applewhite? I was hoping we can groom him for a couple more years, but I don't want to watch Mack take the program down while we wait for him to be ready.




Thanks Mack but its now time for a change at Texas. The culture of being soft needs to change from the top down. Not practicing 1s vs 1s and thud tempo and “wind†all have to go. You have done a good job brining Texas back but as of 2010 Mack Brown is not our standard.


For those that suggest, Mack Brown absolutely can NOT be the AD at Texas. He is not ment for that job. Mack can get a nice job with LHN & make some appearances.


IF Texas were to look for a HC we would have the top choice of teams that will be looking (Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas, etc). But who is really out there?


Following coaches COULD be considered if we are to hire a coach soon. (I include personality bc it matters at Texas, not according to me but according the to guys who hire). Meaning Dana Holgorsen will not be considered.


1)Nick Saban – we could offer $8-10 million/year. Probably doesn’t leave Bama. Doent have the perception that Texas would ideally like but if winning is important we go after the best and make him say ‘no.â€


2)Chris Peterson – likes Austin. HC with many good years at a BCS Busters. Personality that fits Texas. Can he step up to a big time program?


3)Chip Kelly – Personality? Shadyness? Would bring excitement to Austin and a fun offense. Good coach who has already been to a title game. Would Texas even consider him?


4)Art Briles – would Texas swallow its pride to consider him? Would he Texas? Good coach with Texas ties and good offense.


5)Kirby Smart – Very good, young DC. Would Texas hire a inexperienced guy? Would Texas consider a 36 yr old without HC experience?


6)Charlie Strong – Has he done enough to really be considered? Has a few years under his belt as a HC at Louisville and has his team in top 20. Is he good enough for us?


7)Dan Mullen – Good young coach. Has MSU in top 20 right now. Seems to have enough of a personality for Texas. Can he step up at a big time program?


8)Urban Meyer – would he leave his home state of Ohio? Does he still want it bad enough? Cant argue his success.


9)Gary Patterson – we could get him if we wanted but is that the direction Texas really wants to go? Is that the best Texas can do? He has a Bcs win.


10)Gus Malzahn - is 1 year at Ark St enough HC experience for Texas? Is he the right personality? Good offensive teams.


11)Jimbo Fisher – good young energetic coach at a big time program. Would he be the right fit?


12)Dabo Sweeney – see #11


13)Mike Gundy – don’t see him leaving his alma matter


14)Mark Dantonio – only 56 and a good D mind but has already had a heart attack so that might not be a consideration.


15)Rich Rod – has the coaching experience and very good on O. Good W-L record at WV but not a Michigan. Not too likely at Texas.


X-Factor) Jim Tressel – the sweater vest might never be considered by Texas but his W-L record was impressive.


Who would you go after? Is he on this list?

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Saban has said privately the only job he'd leave Alabama for is Texas. He's done all he can at Bama. He loves money, and a NC at Texas 100% cements him ( in his.mind) as the greatest of all time.


He'd have a very easy path to a title here. Its here if he wants it. Now would he? Not for less than $10,000,000. Never say never. Say not likely

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Saban is a no-go, only because he's very very unlikely to leave his nest in Tuscaloosa.

Petersen is a likely choice, and is a proven X's and O's type of a coach. Wouldn't be surprised to see Applewhite at the OC helm and send Harsin back to Boise to be the HC. Continuity on offense is key.


The one guy who I am befuddled that no one has brought up yet on this thread is a no-brainer in my opinion. Pete Carroll.

Now, before you start using mythical things such as "sanctions" and "pay4play" and "NFL-head-coach", tell yourself this; if Seattle isn't making the playoffs at the end of December, we at least need to kick over that stone and see if he'd be interested in coming back to the college ranks


Money isn't an issue. We'll throw Fort Knox at anyone.


The guy is defensive minded, kids love to play for him, and he'll make it rain on the recruiting trail. Hell, Texas recruits itself. If we could get a West Coast/Cali pipeline, mixed with Texas talent, and a coach that can consistently prove to kids he will get the to the NFL, I think we'd have hit the jackpot. I also think we'd keep our offensive personalities and identities intact. I easily can see Harsin staying along with Applewhite.


The ONLY snag is getting over the whole extra baggage issue, which I think he's left behind.

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Pete Carroll is too dirty.


Someone asked about just NFL guys. Being realistic ........ Rob Ryan.


He would get a huge pay increase, has cred, and is ready for the big time.


Thanks to his brother, NFL teams pass him up for a shot there.


Has experience with craziness (Jerrah)


Oh....and he can flat out frigging coach

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Pete Carroll chaps my ass but could probably tear the hell out of the recruiting trail. Still, too soft for me as the next head coach. Ryan is an interesting name from the pros - was the DC at Oklahoma State years ago. I think it is a serious long shot that Saban ever coaches at UT but he would be target #1 for me. It is a no-brainer that Chris Peterson would come to Texas and reunites with Harsin. Harsin's next move is to a HC position though.

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