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****Texas vs Texas State Official Tuesday Game Thread 4.18.17****


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Texas takes on Texas State tonight at Disch Falk Field.  Every game is one that counts now. 



Looks like Henley will get the nod on the bump for Texas.


Game Time: 6:30 PM


Radio: 104.9 FM

Audio: www.texassports.com

Twitter Play By Play https://twitter.com/joeywa_44



LIne-ups shortly. 




I will post game updates in this thread.  Y'all feel free to discuss the game as it goes along.  I'm looking at scaling back the game updates unless you want for them to continue as-is.


It's really all up to the members here on what you want.   If there's something you want that's different from how we're doing it, by all means, chime in.  We're here to provide the content that you folks want. 

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Hubbard HBP

Sherley works a 5-pitch walk

Rodriguez gets an IF single on a popped bunt into no-man's land between P and 3B

Bases loaded; no outs

Fraze comebacker, 1-2-3 DP; 2 down

Benton 1-3 on a comebacker ends it




Scoreless headed B2

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Bot 2nd:


On mound is Cam Baird at 12 pitches


1st to bat is Kacey Clemens

1 pitch and he grounds out to 2B


2nd to bat is Ryan Reynolds

He hits it past a diving RF, it rolls to the back. Reynolds tries to stretch the double into a triple.

He's definitely not fast enough and the cut off man throws him out.

2 down.


3rd to bat is Bret Boswell

Pop up high to 1st baseman.


3 up 3 down


Still 0-0


Damn you TOOTBLAN!

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Top 3rd:


Blair Henley on the mound at 27 pitches


1st up is Jacob Almendarez (.287)

He hits a dribbler down the 3rd base line. Cantu lets it roll, hoping for a foul ball. It hangs up on the line.

It's a single.


2nd up is Derek Scheible (0-1)

Ryan Reynolds gets a steamer and get the fielder's choice at 2nd.

1 out. Runner on 1st.


3rd up is Jonathan Oretega (0-1)

Oretega skies to center.

2 outs. Runner on 1st.


Ball scoots away from Kacey Clemens on a pick-off attempt. Runner advance to 2nd.


4th up is Theodore Hoffman (0-1)

4 straight balls. Runners on 1st and 2nd

2 outs.


5th up is Jaylen Hubbard (0-0 HbP)

Kacey Clemens gathers the ground ball and get the 3rd out.


2 more runners stranded and Texas keeps it scoreless.


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Bottom 3rd:


Cam Baird on the mound for the Bobcats sporting only 19 pitches through 2.


1st up is Michael Cantu (.194)

2 pitches and he grounds out to 3rd.

1 down.


2nd up is Zane Gurwitz (.167)

Lines into CF for a base hit.

1 on. 1 out.


3rd up is David Hamilton (.215)

4th ball and now Texas has runners on 1st and 2nd. 1 out.



4th up is Patrick Mathis (0-1)

Lines out to CF on 1 pitch.

2 outs. Runners on 1st and 2nd.


5th up is Kody Clemens (0-1)

base hit up the miss and Zane Gurwitz rounds 3rd to score




6th up is Travis Jones (0-1)

6-4 FC to end the inning


Texas takes the lead 1-0 off a base hit up the middle by Kody Clemens.






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Top 4th:


Blair Henley on the mound with 44 pitches.


1st up is Luke Sherley (0-0 BB)

Strike 3 swinging. Blair gets his second K of the day.

1 down.


2nd up is Felipe Rodriguez (1-1)

Grounder to short and its a 6-3 out.

2 down.


3rd up is Cole Coffey (0-1)

Another ground out to short


3 up 3 down.


Texas still leads 1-0

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Bottom 4th:


Cam Baird is up on the mound with 33 pitches


1st up is Kacy Clemens (0-1)

Skies to to CF.

1 out.


2nd up is Ryan Reynolds (1-1 2B)

Ground ball up the middle for a base hit. He's not gonna try to stretch that one.

1 on. 1 out.


3rd up is Bret Boswell (0-1)

Works the full count and lines it past 1st.

He tries to stretch the double, but he's throw out at 2nd.

Ryan Reynolds reached 3rd.

2 outs.


4th up is Michael Cantu (0-1)

1 pitch, 1 swing, 1 ground out to short.


And Longhorns strand a runner on 3rd with a TOOTBLAN and impatient AB.


Still leading 1-0



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Top 5th:


Blair Henley on the mound with 57 pitches


1st up is Travon Benton (0-1)

out at first 1b to p

1 down


2nd up is Jacob Almendarez (1-1)

watches strike 3 go by.

2 down


3rd up is Derek Scheible (0-2)

Hits a base hit to RF.

2 outs 1 on.


4th up is Jonathan Ortega (0-2)

base hit to CF.

Runners on 1st and 2nd


5th up is Theodore Hoffman (0-1)

Flies out to CF



Texas still leads 1-0


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Bottom 5th:


Cam Baird on the mount at 47 pitches


1st up is Zane Gurwitz (1-2)

Popped up to 2B

1 out.


2nd up is David Hamilton (0-0 BB)

Ground out to SS.

2 outs


3rd up is Patrick Mathis (0-2)

Watches ball 4 go by.

2 outs. 1 on.


New pitcher in for Texas State is Broc Bosse (2.61 ERA)

Cam Baird finishes with 57 pitches, 5 hits, 1 ER, 2 BB and 0 K over 4 2/3 innings.


Patrick Mathis steals 2nd. So man on 2nd.


4th up is Kody Clemens (1-2 RBI)

Grounds out to 2nd.

3 outs


Texas strands a man on 2nd.

Still 1-0 Texas.


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