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****Texas vs Baylor Baseball Official Friday Game Thread 4/14/17****


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Hey Seamheads, we're back


Game in about 10 mins



TV: FoxSports Plus

Radio: 104.9

Audio Stream: http://texas.leanplayer.com/

PBP: https://twitter.com/joeywa_44


Texas in gray pants, burnt orange jerseys, caps, socks, belts and black spikes

Baylor in white pinstripe pants, black jerseys, caps and green shoes










Let's do this.


Hook Em!

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  • Moderator


First Pitch 6:35 PM


Gurwitz 4-pitch leadoff walk

Kody works a 5-pitch walk around a Gurwitz SB where C skips the throw to CF; E2

Jones F9 advances Gurwitz to 3B; 1 out

Kacy KL

McCann FO3


Ugly lack of production after starting off with a couple of walks. 


Scoreless headed B1

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Boswell takes a 1-2 pitch into RF for a leadoff single

Reynolds Walk

Mathis SAC Bunt; 1-3; runners on 2&3 with 1 out

Hamilton Gets ahead 3-0, P works it back full, SAC fly into CF; F8 RBI

Texas up 1-0

Reynolds on 3B


Gurwtiz rolls a grounder to SS, he sends the throw about ten feet over the head of the first baseman; Reynolds scores on the E6


Kody KS on full count




Horns up 2-0 headed B2

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Esthay Single into RF; Mathis misplays it and Esthay takes 2B on E9

Dodson FO4, Esthay tags and takes 3B

Wendzel Walks

Runners on the corners, 1 out

Bissonette KL; HUGE K for Coop; 2 outs

Cascadden F5 ends it







Horns up 2-0 thru 2 complete



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Raguse Single back up the middle

Cunningham FC U3, tried to double up Raguse, but Hamilton can't make the catch on the throw from Kacy; 1 out

Langeliers F8, diving snag by Gurwitz; tosses it to 2B to double up Raguse


Horns up 2-0 thru 3 complete

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Hamilton Single into RCF

Gurwitz Singles the first pitch on hit and run; Hamilton to 3B

Kody Singles back up the middle, takes 2B on the throw to 3B; Gurwitz beats the throw; RBI

Horns up 3-0

Runners on 2&3, no outs

Jones KL; Blue's zone is like a tall skinny chick; legs for days

Kacy KS

McCann F9


Horns up 3-0 headed B5


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Wendzel dying liner into LF that Jones misplays; single

Bissonette F9; 1 out

Thomas PH for Cascadden Singles thru the right size, Wendzel advances to 3B

Runners at the corners; 1 out


Raguse L6, Hamilton doubles off the runner at 1B to get the Horns out of a jamb. 


Horns lead 3-0 thru 7 complete

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  • Moderator


Check that, Henley still on the bump


Cunningham takes the first pitch back up the middle for a single

Langeliers IF single to 3B; may be scored a FC; throw to 2B was late

Menard RBI single up the middle


Horns up 3-1


Ridgeway to the bump now.


Runners at 1&3; 0 outs

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B8 cont

Runners on corners; 0 outs


Esthay FC U4; runner at 1B takes out Boswell so he can't turn 2; RBI


Horns up 3-2


Dodson KS; HUGE K

Wendzel drills one at 3b and Reynolds lets it get under his mitt; E5

Miller PH grounder to 2B is knocked down by Boswell, flips to 1B and blue says Kacy wasn't on the bag  RBI


Game tied at 3


McLean F8 ends it


Thru 8, game tied at 3

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