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Break Out Years


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Most years there's always someone on both sides of the ball, sometimes more than one who exceeds expectations or progresses farther along than most thought possible.


Who will those guys be this year?


Malik Jefferson wasted no time in making his name known in the Big 12, but suffered somewhat of an off year last year. An emergence from that slump would be nice this year.


This year I'm thinking Chris Warren picks up where Foreman left off. I saw some real magic when he ran the ball, before he was hurt. I think we'll see that again. And I think he has the coach who can make the splash even bigger.


Johnson is in a peculiar spot this year. Two years in a row he's suffered injury so we really haven't been able to see more than a splash here and there from him. But we saw enough to know there's something special there. I think he's another candidate to have that break out year. How nice would it be if both he and Warren were to get it going at the same time?


Defensively, Kris Boyd turns the corner this year. Call it a vibe I get. I just see maturity setting in a little which allows more of that talent to come through. Another candidate, IMO, is Anthony Wheeler. If the light turns on with regard to the Orlando scheme, I think Wheeler is poised to make a real impact.


What say you?



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pretty good list.


Think that either Duvernay benefits the most from having a D1 (vs last year's HS) passing scheme and pushes Warren for Offensive MVP.    Warren only needs to stay healthy which means Porter, the other Johnson and Carter need to be able to spell him and keep him in the 20-25 carries a game range.


Not sure which one but one of the DTs steps up this year.


And projecting WAAAAY forward, the guy who mostly teases us this year but breaks out next year is Lil Jordan.   Think they need a year to work his special skills into the scheme.



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I expect Malik to have a special, Derrick Johnson type year as this system will unleash his potential.  He's been forced to play out of position and I believe allowing him to return to his natural position will be beneficial.  To that point, Gary Johnson's addition will also pay huge dividends. Chris Warren will be a monster and if Shane is in fact the starter, then I expect an all Big 12 performance from him.  And all of our receivers will benefit...I'm praying our new kicker is all he cracked up to be.  I guess we can't get much worse.  At least we're returning an All Big 12 punter.  Ya know what tho? It appears to me that we actually have a "complete" team (Offense, Defense, Special Teams) now. And I don't think any of us can actually quantify that.  On defense, without speculating too much, it looks like we could potentially have an elite playmaker on each level.  That's championship material...HOOK 'EM!!! \\m//

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Offense: Devin Duvernay. Think he gets used more effectively this year.


Honorable Mention: LJ Humphrey


Defense: PJ Locke. Played a good bit last year. Love his work ethic and the way he grinds.


Honorable Mention: Brandon Jones. Will have a chance to grab more PT this spring. It's there for the taking and he is very talented.

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