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****Texas vs Texas A&M Official Game Thread 3.14.17****


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Bottom 4th:


Doxakis on the mound.


David Hamilton watches 4 balls.

Lead off walk.


Kacy Clemens gets 3 quick balls and...



That's 3 balks.


Kacy doubles and David Hamilton runs the bases so well that he ties the game.



Austin Todd bunts it down the 3rd base line and Kacy advances to 3rd.

The Aggie 3rd baseman throws it over the head of the 1st baseman.


Todd moves to 2nd.


Bret Boswell bunts it down 3rd base line. Thrown out but Todd takes 3rd.

1 out. Runner on 3rd.


Wheels coming off Doxakis.


Ryan Reynolds is up.

He dribbles it down the 3rd base line. Another E5 for the 3rd base man and Reynolds is safe at 1st.

Runners on the corners. 1 out.


Doxakis is done for the day after 54 pitches. 2Ks, 2BB, 1ER, 2H, 2R.

In for relief is RHP Corbin Martin


Zane Gurwitz is 6th batter this inning.

He swings at strike 3.

2 outs. Runners on the corners.


Michael McCann is batter #7

McCann continues his hot streak lining a ball past the SS and into LF. Austin Todd scores.


Runners on 1st and 2nd


Wild pitch and runners now on 2nd and 3rd.


Tate Shaw up to bat.

Swining strike 3 strands runners in scoring position.


Longhorns answer a 1 run top of 4th with a 3 run bottom.

They chase the Aggies starter out of the game and take the lead.

Good inning.

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Top 5th:

Kennedy still on mound with 70 pitches.


1st Aggie up is Nick Choruby.

Kennedy throws strike three by him for a backwards K and K #6 today.


2nd Aggie up is Cole Bedford.

Ground ball to the left side and 2 down.


3rd Aggie up is Austin Homan.

Lines out quickly to a leaping Bret Boswell. Boswell has been doing exceptional on defense


Longhorns still lead 3-1.



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Bottom 5th:

Martin still on mound for Ags. Sitting at 14 pitches


1st up for Longhorns is Travis Jones.

Jones drops a ball into short right field.

Lead off single.


Travis Jones steals 2nd and beats the throw. That's his 5th stolen base.


Travis Jones advances to 3rd on an error by the pitcher trying to pick him off.


David Hamilton is the 2nd Longhorn batter.

He strikes out swining.

1 out. Jones on 3rd.


Kacy Clemens up 3rd for Texas.

On a full count, Kacy gets ball 4.

Runners on the corners and 1 out.


Austin Todd up 4th for Texas.


Corbin Martin tries to pick off Clemens at 1. E3 and Jones crosses home



Austin Todd pops out in foul territory to 1B

2 outs. Runner on 1st.


Bret Boswell up 5th for Texas.

He hits a hard one almost past a diving 2nd baseman. Gets throw out barely.


Fans are testing the Aggie pitcher and catcher to try to attempt to pick off Clemens again. "Throw it again!" Cheering every pick off attempt.


4 screw ups by the Aggies that inning net the Longhorns a run.

Texas extends their lead of A&M. Now 4-1

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Top 6th:

Kevin Roliard


1st Aggie up is Blake Kopetsky

Gets a full count and strikes out swinging. 



2nd Aggie up is Logan Foster.

Another strike out.

2 down


3rd Aggie up is Braden Shewmaker.

He crushes a doubles to Right Center Field. By far their best player.

2 outs. Man on 2nd.


4th Aggie up is Joel Davis

5 pitches and 4 balls.

Men on 1st and 2nd and 2 outs.


Kyle Johnston is up in the bullpen


5th Aggie is Hunter Coleman

He grounds out to David Hamilton on 1 pitch.


Longhorns strand 2 Aggies on base and maintain 4-1 lead in T6th

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Bottom of 6th:

Corbin Martin still in for Aggies. Sitting at 37 pitches.


Ryan Reynolds is 1st Longhorn up to bat.

Hits a bouncer to a running 2nd baseman who makes a good throw to get him out.

1 out.


PH Patrick Mathis is 2nd Longhorn up.

Mathis makes some solid contact to get himself a single.

1 out. 1 on.


Michael McCann is 3rd batter.

Swinging at strike 3.

2 outs. Man on 1st.


LHP Kaylor Chafin (1-1 2.60ERA) in to relieve Corbin Martin


Tate Shaw is the 4th batter.

Looks at strike 3. 


That ends the inning.

Texas still leads 4-1

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Top 7th:


Changes in defense

C:  Michael Cantu

LF: Travis Jones

RF: Patrick Mathis

CF: Austin Todd


Pitcher is still Kevin Roliard.


1st Aggie up is George Janca

On a full count Roliard get a ground ball to Hamilton. 6-3 out.

1 down


Surpassing 1.1 inning and 28 pitches, this is now Roliard longest outing.


2nd Aggie up is Nick Choruby.

On a full count, Roliard walks Choruby.

1 on, 1 out.


3rd Aggie up is Cole Bedford.


Mid-AB Kyle Johnston (1-1 1.90ERA) comes in to relieve Kevin Roliard.


4 pitches, 4 balls.Runners on 1st and 2nd. 1 out.


4th Aggie up is Austin Homan.

And after 6 straight balls, Aggies are dong their famous chant. "Ball 7! Ball 7! Ball 7!"

Then 3 straight strikes! 

2 down. Aggies are silenced.


5th Aggie up is Blake Kopetsky

And Johnston gets strike 3.


Longhorn fans are on their feet. Kyle Johnston is going crazy. Aggie fans are silent.

Texas still leads 4-1.

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Longhorn fans really coming to life after Aggies had their fun with the "Ball +1" chant. Longhorn fans on their feet. Aggie fans woke em up.


Kyle Johnston is going crazy, Longhorn fans are dancing, and Aggie fans are standing around with arms crossed. Texas going into B7th up 4-1.

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Bottom 7th:


Kaylor Chafin still on the mound.


1st Longhorn up is Travis Jones.

He hits it just by a diving SS who stops the ball to make it just a single.

1 up, 1 on.


2nd Longhorn up is David Hamilton

He hits into a 4-6-3 double play.

2 outs.


3rd Longhorn up is Kacy Clemens.

He hits a ball over the head of the CF for a double.

2 outs. Man on 2nd.


RHP Cason Sherrod (1-0 5.19 ERA) comes in to relieve Chafin.


4th Longhorn up is Austin Todd

Flies out to RF.


Longhorns still lead 4-1 after 7.

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