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Burnt Ends - 02/06/2017 - Part I

HornSports Staff

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The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker.


Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask...


Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends.




This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports.




The 2017 Recruiting cycle came to an official close last Wednesday and things are moving fast on the 2018 front. Nike's Opening Regional took place this past weekend and with it manifested tons of high school talent, including some big names with Texas offers.


HornSports' Will Baizer was on hand to take in the event, interview recruits and bring you the latest on Tom Herman's targets.


Let's jump right in to Part I of Burnt Ends this week.....




Josh Moore Heading to IMG Academy



The sleek 6’1” 173lbs WR just announced he’ll be going to IMG Academy (Bradenton, Florida) yesterday in order to be better utilized in their offensive system, as opposed to the the smash mouth variety of football Yoakum runs. Josh is very athletic, jumping over 38” on his vertical and he possesses a clean technique. Almost every route he runs is run to perfection.


Texas has been sitting pretty in this recruitment since day one and Josh is a very big fan of Texas - he has been since before the recruiting process started. Even though he’ll be moving 16 hours away, this player will still have Texas on his mind.


HS: You’re going to Texas Junior Day, right?

“Of course.”


HS: But you’re repping Ohio State today? What’s up with that?

“You know, mixing it up a little bit. Messing with people’s heads. Keeping them guessing. You got to.”


HS: So, you’re going to IMG? You just announced it yesterday. Why did you decide to go to IMG?

“Just overall development. I feel like they have everything I need to bring my body to succeed at the next level.”


HS: What have the IMG coaches been telling you?

“They love me. I’ve talked to the head coach, Coach Wright, a million times. He called me yesterday morning to tell me he can’t wait for me to get over there. I’m ready and excited to get going.”


HS: Is your brother giving you the hard sell on Texas A&M?

“Oh man… He gets annoying.  I just want to slap him. Just, “hey bro, A&M bro, we got 17 class phenomenal bro, we are going to win a natty.” Man, shut up. If I commit, I commit.”


HS: And you guys aren’t tied at the waist?

“Nah, nah. I mean I’m going to Florida and he’s staying home. People think I’m going to commit to A&M just because of him, but I wouldn’t be going 16 hours away if I cared.”




Standouts from The Opening Regional


These are some of the guys who really blew our staff away during the camp.


Offense – Brennan Eagles


We weren't able to interview Brennan at the campbut we will talk about him here.


When I told someone that Brennan measured in at 6’3.5” and 214 lbs they asked if I was talking about him or his shoulders. Brennan is built like a cartoon strong man. Every muscle on him is so ridiculously big that he dwarfed some of the tight ends.


He came out of the day with the best Nike score by far of 132.24 (20 points higher than 2nd place) and earned an invite to The Opening. That Nike score would have given him the 5th best Nike score from all the regionals in 2016. Beyond that he showed an ability to beat the best by snagging balls over the heads of guys like Anthony Cook on a regular basis. Give him the fifth star.


Defense – Anthony Cook


The five-star corner out of Lamar had a phenomenal day. So great that he got an invite to The Opening at the end of the regional and was crowned the defensive MVP of the camp. While he sits at 6’1” 170lbs, he plays more like he’s 6’8” 250lbs with the strength he showed while maintaining elite agility and speed of a CB. He was the best CB out of the field, even though he was a bit grabby all day long.


Anthony Cook has a tremendous relationship with the coaching staff at Texas, and the Longhorns are in prime position to reel this five-star in. He’ll have day 1 impact potential if he joins the Longhorns.


HS: Will you be headed to Texas Junior Day?

“Yes sir.”


HS: Which coach has been in contact with you?

“Coach Washington. He calls me about once a week to check up on me”.


HS: You talk to Grant Delpit much?

“Yeah, I talked to him at the Under Armor game. Yeah. He talking that stuff, “come to LSU,” and that.”


HS: Do you talk to Holton Hill?

“When I go to Texas’ Junior Day that’s who I’m going to talk to. Him, Eric Cuffee, and all of them.”


HS: Is Holton trying to recruit like Delpit?

“Nah. He’s real chill.”


HS: What’s your connection to Eric (Cuffee)?

“That’s my cousin.”


HS: Who’s the best player you’ve ever gone up against?

“Al’Vonte (Woodard). He’s good.”


Defense - D’Shawn Jamison


D’Shawn had an amazing camp filled with highlight reel plays, including one play where he tip drilled the ball to himself for a pick against the best of the best on the field. He really stood out as one of the best players on the field, and gave quarterbacks fits all camp long. He’s got long arms and wonderful speed to close throwing windows. The 5’10” 174lbs DB got a Nike score of 112.4 and could have done much better.


The combination of D’Shawn’s attitude and his ability to make incredible plays has landed him as one of our staff's favorite player to cover.


HS: You have a Texas offer. How you feeling about it?

“Real excited”.


Who else is in the running with Texas?



HS: Will you be going to UT Jr. Days?

“Yes sir.”


HS: Who’s recruiting you right now?

“At TCU it’s Coach Gonzalez and for Texas it’s Coach Washington.”


HS: How do you feel about Coach Washington?

“He’s a great dude. He’s one of the people I can say is more of like a big brother to me. He’s more of a chill coach than the other Texas coaches. That’s what I like about him.”


HS: You’ve been to campus right?

“Yeah! When I usually go there, I watch one of my friends and former teammates Hollywood Holton Hill.”


HS: What is Holton telling you? Is he trying to sway you to Texas?

“Nah! He just saying make the right choice because UT is a great school academically wise, so that means a lot.”


Offense - Mustapha Muhammad


This top target for Texas had a great day as well as he was named to the top 5 TE’s at the camp. The #1 TE in the state is a very smart guy, looking to major in business when he gets to college, and he’s got the brains and grades to do it. Mustapha measured in at 6’4” 230lbs. He’s big, a very good route runner, and has some great hands. 


The Texas staff has been on Mustapha for a very long time now, and he might be one the guys they have the best relationship with.


HS: Are you going to be at the Texas Junior Day?

“Yes, I’m going to Texas’ Junior Day. I’ve already been to one, but I’m also trying to get out to UT, A&M… closer schools”.


HS: Corby Meekins was over at your school a few weeks ago right?

“Yeah before the dead period and he brought over Coach Herman two weeks ago”.


HS: How do feel about Coach Herman?

“I really like Coach Herman. I’ve had a good relationship with him ever since he was at U of H. He’s a very relatable guy and he also isn’t afraid to be realistic with you”.


HS: What has been the staff’s pitch to you?

“They’ve been telling me how they are going to use me in their offense. You know, they are going to have a spread offense, but I’ll be attached, at H-Back or split out. Kind of getting into the nitty gritty of what they want to do.”


HS: How do you like Corby Meekins?

“We’ve really built a relationship. We’re always calling, texting and whatnot just to stay in touch. Keep Texas on my mind. He does a good job of that.”


HS: What other schools are in the mix right now?

“There’s a lot. I’m just pruning my top 10 list right now. It’ll come out in May.”


HS: What are your plans for this summer?

“Working out and going on as many visits as I can.”


Defense - Keondre Coburn


Often rated as the top DL in the state, Keondre Coburn is one of the top defensive tackle targets for the Longhorns in the 2018 class. He’s got the size and he’s got the feet. His hips are fluid and his pad level stays low. While he could work on his first step, his game is very clean. He’s one of the best in the nation and will be highly sought after.


HS: How you feeling about that Texas offer?

“It’s a dream come true. I love Texas ever since Vince Young. Watching him when I was little. It was a blessing to get that.”


HS: Are you going to be at Texas Junior Day?

“Yes sir. February 25th. Looking forward to it.”


HS: How old were you when Vince Young was in charge?

“They won in 2005? So I was like 5. And it was in my home town.”


HS: So you’re from California? Why’d your family move to Texas?

“My dad got a job in Texas. He also said that Texas high school football is much better than California. It’s the best.”


HS: Who do you model your game after in college or pro?

“Aaron Donald. That man is unbelievable.  What else can you ask for a defensive tackle to do? He’s quick off the ball, he doesn’t quit, he’s undersized, and he’s proved everybody wrong every play. That man is just an animal.”


HS: What do you want to change in your game to be more like Aaron Donald?

“I’d like to be quicker and just have the mindset that I’m the best and nobody can stop me.”


HS: So who else is in the mix with Texas?

“Every school I have an offer from. Nobody has a downfall, nobody is at the top. Everybody is the same.”


HS: How does it feel to be competing at a camp like this?

“Oh it’s fun competing with other people you know. I’m just ready to prove to everybody that I’m number one.”


Offense - Al’Vonte Woodard


The 6’1” 180lbs Lamar pass catcher was not guardable. He arguably was the best WR at the camp, he didn’t have a single drop, and he made some acrobatic catches to boot. His speed, size, and athleticism make him pretty tough on defensive backs.


HS: What has the experience out here been like for you?

“It’s real good hanging out with guys you don’t normally hang out with because you’re at school. On the weekends you either have homework or are working out. So it’s a pretty good feeling hanging out with these guys.”


HS: Anthony Cook told me you’re the best WR he’s ever gone up against. How you feel about that?

"Well, since we go to the same school, we’re not going to go up against each other today. He’s a very physical DB. He goes to my school, so you get that competitive, D1, next level feeling."


HS: Speaking of D1, how you feeling about your Texas offer?

“Very pumped. I talk to the WR coach almost every day. Talking shop and checking up.”


HS: How do you like Coach Mehringer?

“He’s a cool dude, really cool dude. I talk with him, if not every day, every other day.”


HS: Are you attending Texas’ Junior Day?

“Yes sir.”


HS: Do you communicate with any of the Texas players?

“Well Hollywood (Holton Hill) goes there, but we don’t talk much. We talk every once in a while, but not much.”


HS: Who would you say your game is most reminiscent of?

“AJ Green. No matter where the ball is, he’s going to adjust to it. He’s a deep threat. Take the top off the defense.”


HS: What’s your favorite part of your game?

“When we play another team, I know I’m going to be double covered. So I know I can create separation and beat any double team. It’s a good feeling.”


HS: What do you want to work on?

“Pad level and staying low.”


Defense - Leon O’Neal Jr.



Maybe one of our favorite kids in the class due to his energy on and off the field, and another guy who had a spectacular day. He’s a physical defensive back that likes to use 6’2” 190lbs frame to push guys around, but he’s also got the athleticism to make plays on the balls. In fact, there was a play that displayed just exactly what he brings to the table when he knocked one receiver on his ass and made a diving interception on a ball down the field. He received the 13th highest Nike score of the day with a very respectable 99. With his great length and make up speed, he was able to cover any target on the field and do so impressively.


HS: How you feeling about the Longhorns and your offer?

“Getting a Texas offer is a unique thing. It’s the best school to go if you really want that foundation to be set. There are a lot of great Texas schools like Texas A&M and TCU, but getting an offer from them is like another feeling. Herman is doing something special over there that he’s going to be part of. So it really means a lot.”


HS: You’ll be going to the Texas Junior Day then?

“Yes sir. On the 25th. Like I said, one of the best schools in the nation, so why not? Why not try to get on board and see what it’s like.”


HS: Which Texas coach is in contact with you?

“Naivar. He’s got a lot of energy. I have a lot of energy so we click on that basis. He is always calling home to see how everyone is doing.”


HS: You love to trash talk on the field. What was one of your favorite moments on the field where you punked somebody and then told them a little something?

“Oh, I just wake ‘em up is all I do. It just comes naturally; I don’t really know what I’ll be saying. It just comes off the top of the head like tha.t.


HS: Who do you model your game after?

“Kam Chancellor and maybe some Landon Collins. Those dudes come down and hit and they have a lot of fire in their heart when they play the game. That’s what I try to maintain. I have a lot of fire in my heart from my past. I got a family to feed. So when you come out here you have to get the energy up and be ready to eat.”


You mind letting others know about your family?

“My mom at a point lost a cousin this season and at that same point in the season I turned into a warrior. It hurt. And after that I just had to play for him. Zero offers to twenty. Just goes to show if you really want something, you gotta go out and get it, no matter how long it takes. It could take one year, two years, three years, or maybe make it ten, but it’s going to happen. I’m just blessed.” 

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A few awesome videos from the weekend with some of the recruits.

Just click on the video to play the video. You don't need a twitter.


WR Brennan Eagles


WR Al'Vonte Woodard



WR Josh Moore


WR Taye Baber


WR Theo Wease Jr. 


WR Jordan Whittington (2019)


DB Anthony Cook


DB Leon O'Neal Jr.


DB D'Shawn Jamison


DB Jalen Green


DL Max Wright


OL Josh McCulloch


OL Kenyon Green

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I am on my 3rd month of getting "Humm, cant reach this page" when clicking on the monthly Sirhornsalot landscape post.

I enjoy his stuff, would like to read it.



Here it is without the pics.


Creating your outdoor living space starts with a patio


Welcome to February! It will be gone before you know it. But while it’s here, let’s talk about what will be happening this month.


February in Texas is the time when folks begin thinking about their outdoor time. Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more in demand as people discover the ability to have their private retreat right there in their own back yards. This year in particular, with winter seemingly MIA, people are pursuing their dreams of their own back yard space early in the year.



Flagstone patio and outdoor living space.



Man-made stone patio and outdoor living space.


I get called a lot to consult and design back yard living spaces. It always seems to start with a patio of some sort. We will discuss the different types of patios that can be built, but first lets talk about what a patio can represent.


If you stand at the back of your home at least a good distance away so that you can see the whole back side of the home, you will notice the shapes on the house. They included 95% or better of hard angles, such as windows (rectangles and squares), doorways (rectangles), even the brick on the home is rectangles. Its a collection of these hard angles. Subconsciously, this creates a very formalized, structured look.


A vast majority of the patios we build will not have a hard angle. Building a patio with curves and no corners will go very far in softening up the whole look of the back living space. It reduces that formalized look and becomes more open and free flowing. So unless you have a contemporary styled home where a squared or rectangled shaped patio might be a desirable look, pursue the opposite of what your home has if it is heavy on the hard angles.


Concrete – Most homes come with some sort of concrete patio and concrete works well if appearance really isn’t important to you. Lets face it, concrete is gray. Its look factor has limited potential to start off with. However, you can stain an existing concrete patio or for a new concrete patio, you can stain and stamp a design into it. In clay soil areas of Texas where shifting occurs, you will likely see a crack or cracking develop over time. This is normal, but unsightly as it gets worse, but can be remedied.


Flagstone – Flagstone makes for a beautiful patio in that its a completely natural material that adds color and contrast to the living space. Stone lasts forever so it will remain for years. There are numerous choices for flagstone to use on patios. Some are very colorful. Some are single color. However, it is wise to stay with a stone that either goes with the home’s brick, or is the same as whatever stone was used on the home itself.


With flagstone, the costs will be dependent on the stone you choose. For example, if you select a Arizona flagstone, you will pay much more for it than you would an Oklahoma flagstone. This is because of the longer distance that must be traveled with that stone before it reaches the place you purchased it from.


Man-Made Stone – Numerous companies manufacture and sell man-made stone, such as Pavestone, that can be used in a patio application. There are types that are specifically made for this application and offer an abundance of choices.


These stones sit on a sand base that is level. Sand is then forced into the joints to complete the installation. There are no adhesion-type properties at work so some resettling of the stones can occur over time. Nevertheless, the man made stone is a very attractive look and can be complimented with other products of the same make, such as retaining walls and steps.


Decomposed Granite – Decomposed granite is a material that is used for ground cover purposes, xeriscaping, and in landscape pathways as well as – patios. The pros are that its very affordable and easy to install. It can be done by most homeowners. The cons are that it tends to scatter during foot traffic or taken back into the home via shoe tread.


There are products on the market that suggest that you can “harden†the decomposed granite by spraying the clear liquid product over the granite, but I have found those to be inconsistent, at best. Nevertheless, a decomposed granite base will pack in over time and with consistent foot traffic.


Patios can be complimented with or have adjoining outdoor kitchen, fireplaces, pergolas, fire pits and other features that make the outdoor life so much more enjoyable.




Diagram above shows how to properly and formally trim a Crape Myrtle.



Picture above is an example of how NOT to trim a Crape Myrtle.

Crape Myrtles, Not Crape Murder


This is the month when you want to trim back your Crape Myrtles. One thing the state of Texas has plenty of is Crape Myrtles. A majority of folks choose to trim theirs while others do not. Consistent annual trimming can produce a more structured and more beautiful Crape Myrtle tree.


I will again this year preach against the practice of Crape Myrtle hacking. It is pointless to do this as it creates an unhealthy situation for the tree as well as a very bizarre look overall. There’s no rhyme or reason with hacking so I won’t try to explain how its done and when it started.


Frankly, I’m not real sure about either. It looks almost alien.


Instead, a Crape Myrtle should be trimmed in a way we describe as “knubbing.†That entails trimming the limbs at a 45 degree angle cut at approximately six inches above what we call a “knuckle†or where the sub-limbs flair from (see diagram) the limbs.


This type of trimming is not warranted for all Crapes, however. The larger Crapes, such as the Natchez (white blooms), will grow upwards to 40 ft high. In trimming these large Crapes, they should be approached much like you would trim a regular tree, with cuts at the collars.


If you contract with a landscaper to perform Crape trimming this month, make sure you gain an understanding of exactly how they will trim your Crapes.

The Season’s First Cut


For folks in the southern half of our state, your first mowing may well take place in the latter part of this month. For those of you who have Bermuda tuff, you will want your first mow to be very short. DO NOT SCALP your lawn, but mow it shorter than you would normally mow it. This is for the first mow only. The same holds true for St Augustine and Zoysia turf, except we don’t mow it as short as we do Bermuda.


Why do we do this? Mowing very short the first time allows more sunlight to hit the surface of the soil, which heats up the first few inches of soil and causes the turf to come out of dormancy faster than it otherwise would.

You will want to get rid of as much of the thatch as you can as it will hang around and help defeat the purpose since it would cover the soil surface.


Sprinkler changes


Make sure you add a day to your settings this month. The days are a little longer in February than they were in January, plus, it is a strange month to begin with where we often see summer-type weather followed by winter-type weather in a matter of hours. So most of us should be watering twice a week during February at about 10 minutes per zone (sprays).



Pre Emergent


There’s still time to get down your pre emergent application for spring. Get it done before the third week of the month begins. Timing is everything with pre emergent and since we’re having some rain and warmer weather, our window of opportunity has grown narrow. Get it done asap.



Do not be tempted to put down an application of fertilizer during February or March. April 1 is your safe date in Texas. After that, we’ll likely not see a freeze again until next fall.



Feel free to ask any questions you might have. There’s no question too simple or too difficult!

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Thanks for the update Sirhornsalot! I copied it and saved. Still can't access your post and have no idea how to send Aaron a PM.


But I have a good rock guy who did my patio when I expanded and covered it. Have some nice flagstone. Had to replace the septic system this year and Tom had his guy build a nice couple of flagstone wide steps up to the new Zosyia sod five feet away from new septic.


At age 67 last summer, I got my first landscape guy and he is damn good with plants. I agree with nubbing rather than hacking, I'll make sure he does the crape myrtles right.


I really appreciate your posts, hope I can read them sometime. Hook 'Em!

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Thanks for the update Sirhornsalot! I copied it and saved. Still can't access your post and have no idea how to send Aaron a PM.


But I have a good rock guy who did my patio when I expanded and covered it. Have some nice flagstone. Had to replace the septic system this year and Tom had his guy build a nice couple of flagstone wide steps up to the new Zosyia sod five feet away from new septic.


At age 67 last summer, I got my first landscape guy and he is damn good with plants. I agree with nubbing rather than hacking, I'll make sure he does the crape myrtles right.


I really appreciate your posts, hope I can read them sometime. Hook 'Em!



To PM, simply click on the poster's name. It is a live link which will take you to his personal page. There you will see an option at the top to message him. Its more or less a post sent directly to him. You will be notified at the top of the board when his replies come to you. The notification is a (1) sitting on top of your email icon.


I'll PM you an an example.

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