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As Cowboys fans who are we rooting for today? Me personally I rather play the Giants than a red hot Arron Rodgers.

It doesn't matter who we play, I think we will play well . And I mean in order to get to a super bowl you have to beat the best teams anyway so it really don't matter.

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I'd rather play the giants we will have everyone back and playing and it is in a controlled dome environment so offense can get going unlike the cold like they were in the last meeting with the giants. Wouldn't mind a giants win today and an OBJ injury to hold him out of the game next week not hoping for it or anything

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G B is on a roll.



No doubt. But you're saying that about a team that is about to face a team on an even bigger roll. Dallas lost to philly because they chose to. Otherwise, it was like 11-12 in a row?


I give the nod to Dallas, but only because of home field advantage. Rogers is hot, but so is Dak. And Zeke. , etc

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