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First week in the books. A few thoughts after getting home.


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After returning home from Austin and having some time to digest the first game, I have a few thoughts.


1. I am not sure we would know anymore about how good this team will be had we beat Wyoming 50-0. With that said I saw more positives then negatives last night.


2. The true freshmen played about how you would expect them to play in their first game. I expect the game to slow down for them in a few weeks. One player who stood out to me was Dalton Santos he is going to be a beast.


3. David Ash has improved. I was more impressed with him throwing the ball away instead of forcing it then anything else I saw.. This at least gives the offense another chance the next play instead of committing a turnover.


4.The defense will get much better, The speed on that side of the ball is very evident. If you do not have a mobile QB this defense is going to destroy you.


5. The OL I felt performed well at times. I think the vertical passing game has got to improve so teams do not stack 8 in the box.


6. Mack Brown appeared to be much more involved on the sideline and had some fire in hm. I like that a lot.


7. Brown is going to have a big year rushing if he can stay healthy. He has great balance & vision. Looks like he got his burst back as well.


8. The overall team attitude and excitement appears to be real good. We have not had that in a while.


9. Not sure what this all means or how many games we will eventually win. But far as me I am excited about what I was.


10. Right now in college football it's Alabama on it's own planet and then everyone else. They are light years ahead of everyone in regard to talent, coaching, and winning attitude. I hate to say this because I hate Bama. But it is what it is right now.



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HAH. Nice analysis MB. Thanks for pointing out the Santos play. Dude is a BEAST and actually does bring fire and brimstone with him. Thank goodness Santos chose the real UT over the bright orange one to the east. I have also heard that Mack Brown has a bit of a potty mouth... which we could see when he was raising hell on the sidelines. It was nice to see coach fired up. We need more of that from him.


I'm like you in that I see progress from last year. Ash need to work on his touch with the deep ball but we know this is a running team and the bread and butter comes from the horses. Espinosa needs to hit the weight room and work on his footwork. He was owned a good portion of the night.

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