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***Official Update Thread***

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I don't know much about Coach Warehime but I'm sure he's pretty good if Herman wants to bring him with. That said, I'm really sad to see Mattox go. What he did with our O-Line this season was nothing

Only a racist says what Brando said. Racists usually start their conversations by calling their target a racist. Strong was fired for his scoreboard record at UT and Brando knows it. 16 and 21 means y

Conspiracy Theory Alert!   Drayton coaches in Chicago. BevoBlake lives in Chicago.    Have Drayton and BevoBlake ever been seen together?

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The Meekins hire and the Houston connections with Herman and staff could pay off big time next year as 14 of the top 20 recruits on Texas for 2018 are from the Houston area ( this is going off of 247 composite rating ).

I think it's quite simple. Let's get a really good recruiter/coach for each major city of talent in Texas

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Something just occurred to me umm Monsieur?? Didn't Herman recruit guys out of the John Tyler area back in the Mack years ?? If I'm not mistaken?? I knew he hit the east Texas area big time. I could be wrong

I honestly couldn't tell you shotime. I was a little kid when Herman was GA at Texas. I'm sure Roach or Seahorn could answer your question though

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Just read on twitter that Tim Brewster will be in Texas tomorrow recruiting and that Jeff Traylor isn't going to the Aggies because him and Sumlin don't have the best relationship. Working on more details for the Tim Brewster news

Recruiting for FSU or for the good guys?? Hopefully signing his Texas contract then hitting the recruiting trail!

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I think it's quite ridiculous how there's no morality in journalism today, how in the hell do all of these Texas sites with all of these so called experts report things that simply aren't true, Charlie Strong is fired...... nevermind, Tim Brewster is coming..........nevermind. What ever happened to accountability ? I don't mean to vent but it's very frustrating when guys who cover something for a living are consistently wrong in the so called "facts" that they report. People care too much about getting to the story first than they care about getting the story right

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