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A Pre-Thanksgiving Update

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We told you we'd keep you updated with the latest going on inside the football offices.  We didn't post anything yesterday, because we honestly didn't feel there was anything worth posting.  The coach

Seriously?  Another year what if after K-A-N-S-A-S and the worst record in Texas history?   You have to be kidding.

About the only thing I see that makes Charlie's resume stronger than Herman's is that he has more years as a head coach. And despite that fact, Herman has had as many winning seasons as Charlie has. 

So, what is going on?

We will know by Saturday. I don't know about you but I'm having a great thanksgiving weekend. Great meal, Cowboys beat the Redskins, and family went to Chicago for the rest of the weekend giving me some much needed downtime. Everything else is just noise right now. Just letting it play out and going to root for my Horns tomorrow.

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If Fenves decides to keep Strong, both Fenves and Strong will be gone by the inevitable first ugly loss next year.

Like the bowl game (assuming a UT win)? If he stays, next year will be a repeat of his first 3. Just disgusting how the fans are being treated. Hope the big donors close their check books till these 2 and Perrin are gone. 

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If Fenves decides to keep Strong, both Fenves and Strong will be gone by the inevitable first ugly loss next year.

It had been said that athletics are the front porch of the University. If this report is true Fenves is staking his entire presidency on Charlie Strong. Good luck at Lamar or Southeast Oklahoma State or Colorado School of the Mines, Greg. You are drawing dead with all your chips in the middle.

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or, ESPN is trying to draw ratings.  Boosters have to know this is going on, and some of those Boosters are on the BOR.  Granted the BOR is partially composed of Perry appointees, but they are losing ground by the year.  I think the legislature effectively neutralized them a few years ago, in all honesty.


It is possible that Texas has found another candidate, one that has a longer resume, one of those names that you would never expect.  Or, it could be that LSU went rogue and put out the word, or possibly Herman's agent said something.  Who knows?  Not me, that's for sure.

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Assuming the reports are accurate and Texas loses tomorrow, what direction does the university go? No Herman, Charlie fired, does Jumbo become an option? This thing can be completely different than what I thought when I woke up this morning. That's assuming all these reports are accurate... SMH..

Lol. You must be kidding. Texas tells Herman, a UT alum, to go pound sand and chases after Jimbo Fisher as a replacement?! If/when Texas loses tomorrow, let Perrin and Fenves rot in hell looking for a coach. This is going to get very ugly.

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