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When the depth chart is released next week, expect to see 2 QB's starting


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After practice tonight Harsin said both Ash and McCoy will play. Expect this to continue for a few games. I am hearing the coaching staff has not seen enough from either guy to place one as a starter over the other. This is good and bad news. Good that both have progressed substantially since last season but bad in the fact that there will be no consistent leader at qb. Case McCoy has "overperformed" if you catch my drift, making the decision even more difficult.


Connor Brewer will redshirt. If a qb must play outside of Ash/McCoy, it will be Overstreet because of his versatility in the offense. Harsin is a BIG Overstreet fan. I'll have more updates as information develops.


Also don't expect Anthony Fera to make an appearance before week 3. The hip flexor is still an issue.

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I read Harsin's comments and it was confirmed today that both David Ash and Case McCoy will play in the Wyoming game. I wonder if McCoy only gets snaps on specific plays or if this is going to be an all-out split. This gives me an itchy feeling......

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Whatever it is I am sick and disgusted with this. We will have the worst qb in the Big 12 and neither of these guys can have any kindo of confidence in themselves. Hell I'm sure David Ash thought he was the starting qb after the win against Cal and now this. It also says a lot about how the staff feels about him. This is not at all good for anyone guys.

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I am on record as not liking either of the QB's..I said before and will say again that we can't beat the big guys with either of these guys unless they have really progressed from last season...There are a couple of big buts here and one is the defense and the other is the running game.


All that being said I still am wanting to see some Overstreet come September..

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We don't need Joe Montana out there, we just need someone who doesn't make mistakes. If we can avoid stupid mistakes we should be fine.


If the goal is to win 8-10 games I agree...but...if the goal is to win a National Championship we need more than a bus driver, we need someone who can win a game. Neither of these guys, IMHO, can win a game but they can surely lose one.

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