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*****Texas vs. Kansas State*****

HornSports Staff

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It seems several folks agreed with this but I have a hard time swallowing the idea that Charlie having a show on LHN is that tough. If he were also serving as the AD, then i would agree. But he is not. Plus. it's not like he speed a lot of prep time getting ready for those questions. To me, it always seems like he just wings it. And its not like he gets really tough questions. He has a pretty sympathetic crowd around the program. Plus, all coaches have to give post-game and weekly pressers. I am sure he did that much at Louisville too.


So, FWIW, I suspect other issues are at the root of this issue.

I didn't mean to imply the LHN commitment was the only reason but rather that it's one of several additional time commitments that the coach of a smaller program doesn't have to deal with. He's just pulled in more directions and the are still only 24 hours in a day.


Mack was successful because he dealt with the off-the-field issues very well and had trusted and competent coaches to fill his gaps. Strong hasn't proven to be able to Juggle it all appropriately

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Would we look at Malzahn? I wanted to look at him the last time, but Patterson didn't ask me. Pretty good coach, good offense, good defense, seems to recruit well. What say you?



I don't think we want to go there.


I haven't researched it in a while, but Bill O'Brien did a good job at Penn State.  Is he going back into college football?

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I agree with just about all of that. I hate that Strong is a failure because I really like him as a mentor and a grower of young men. But he is just not a good HC. 


I dont think there are many options out there for us, or many out there as a whole. I dont agree with Herbstreit about Austin being a "cesspool" but I do think that the BMD's have made it a iffy situation for any coach to want to walk into. Would seem perceptions are not good at the moment. 


Its going to be a very interesting process to say the least. 

BSD, I've thought about many coaches:


Petersen, I don't think he would be a good fit, even if he wanted to live in the Southwest.  He might fit with the alums, but I'm not sure he would fit with the team.


Saban, we've been down that road before.  He is still good, but he is going to run out of that energy pretty soon, and he cannot have the stamina that he once did.  And that is if he wanted to leave a place that is very comfortable for him.


Meyer, would probably be my pick, if he wanted to leave OSU.  However, he did say he lost the lockeroom when Charlie left for Louisville, so he would need a disciplinarian.  He must be very good at delegating.  He handled Florida and OSU, and they both get quite a lot of exposure.  I think he is pretty well-rounded.


Herman, hasn't been playing in the bigs for that long, but he has been successful.  He has recruited well for Houston, has relationships with Texas High School Coaches, and recruiting ties to Houston.  He has gotten a lot of press this year, so a lot of high school kids know his name and know he did something unheard of for Houston.  On the other hand, the Texas job has more exposure than Houston, and though he worked with Meyer, until you have walked in the shoes...


Jimbo, I don't want because I don't trust him.  Can't really put my finger on it.


Therefore, this is my very short list:


1)  Urban Meyer, a know commodity

2)  Tom Herman


That's it.  Pretty short list!


Hook 'em!


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