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Mark Cuban: Big 12 could be better off without Texas A&M.

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I don't normally do copy and paste but his article was spot on and I could think of nothing to add!




By SportsDayDFW.com

Published 05 September 2011 09:32 PM


If and when Texas A&M officially bolts for the SEC , many expect it to spell the end for the Big 12. The conference would have lost a quarter of its members in an 18-month span, and the Aggies' departure could spur top dogs Texas and Oklahoma to join the Pac-12, creating the first super conference in college football.


But Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote a blog post Sunday that encouraged the Horns and Sooners to avoid the temptation to go west, saying that a nine-team Big 12 conference would not only survive -- it could thrive. The biggest reason?




"The big college TV networks -- Fox, ESPN, CBS -- pay for quality, not quantity," Cuban wrote. "They need marquee match-ups that are 'Must Tweet TV.' The number of schools in a conference actually reduce the parity and quality of match-ups in a conference. The networks will not pay up for that."


Cuban also dismissed the notion that the Big 12 would hemorrhage cash if it doesn't find a replacement for A&M. He pointed to the conference's TV contract with ABC/ESPN, which will expire after the 2015-16 season, saying that Big 12 schools could actually see an increase in revenue when the conference negotiates a new deal.


"They will get just as much money and if they play their cards right, they could get even more," he wrote. "On a per-school basis, it could be much, much more."


Cuban said the creation of several super conferences would amount to a "huge mistake" by diluting regional rivalries, lowering conference revenue and forcing certain games into odd time slots or off TV entirely.


Whether members of the Big 12 will heed his advice is unclear, but one thing is certain: When it comes to making money, few know more than Mark Cuban.

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CUban is definitely a smart man who has made a ton of cash the smart way (not to mention winning a championship for MY mavs), but I am not sure about this. The Big XII is fading before our eyes and Oklahoma is trying to get away. Problem is the SEC won't have them (they do not want a powerhouse invading the conference, plus the tv market for SEC football is nonexistent in Norman and Oklahoma in general). The Big East won't take them because the academic standards at OU are far from stellar so they have but one choice - PAC16. They definitely want Texas to go with them. I take offense with all of these folks saying The Big XII lives or dies by the decisions made in Norman, Oklahoma. Gimme a break (media). The PAC 16 wants TEXAS. Getting OU, Okie State and TEch doesn't make the conference that much better. BRinging Texas to the conference brings in $$$$. OU doesn't bring tv or cash for that matter.


The lack of the rivalry and pageantry related to the rivalry is the bummer. OU/Texas and Texas A&M/Texas are full of history nad tradition that fans want to see on an annual basis - it is the essense and vibrance of college football.


I hope Cuban is right but I doubt it.

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