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Why Texas will beat OU this year


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Perhaps I am in the minority here but I think our team has a better than average shot at winning the Red River Rivalry this year. The Sooners are losing players right and left and all of the information I read tells me they are not even worthy of a top 5 ranking.


My rationale for a Texas win:


  • Texas is deadly, and I mean DEADLY at EVERY position except quarterback. Even with average quarterback play we are stacked and the Brown, Bergeron, Gray combo should shred run defenses apart. This goes for every team we face this year.

  • Our running game has the luxury of saying "if you do not produce, we have someone equally as good waiting to show they can." No other team in the country has the weapons Texas has at running back.

  • Oklahoma has lost 3 yr. center Ben Habern to a neck injury. Trey Franks, Jaz Reynolds and Kameel Jackson, 3 of the teams star wide receivers were suspended and have yet to be cleared to play. D-back Quentin Hayes was part of that also and has yet to be reinstated.

  • Kenny Stills wears ladies clothing

  • Starting Defensive Tackle Stacy McGee was suspended indefinitely today for violating team rules. Seems the Sooners have some LSU-like problems going on.

  • Landry Jones does not play well under pressure. Texas will have a top 2 defense and will make thing really difficult on Landry and his "stache."



Insert your own caption to the photo below. The more expletives involved the better. Hook'em always!



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I think we have a shot at winning every game because of how special this defense is. Sooners are having some serious player issues and I hear Stoops will reinstate some of the screw-ups next week. The receiving corps at OU is basically gone if those guys don't come back so I really don't think he has a choice. They have some young talnet on campus now but freshman play is freshman play.

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I wish I had the optimism you guys have. I remain very worried about our QB situation. I'd be happy if we come within ten of OU, even with all of their injuries & suspensions.


I think we will be fine. If we cannot stay within 10 points this year it may be time to go in a complete different direction.

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Guys, believe me when I say that I would live to beat TBTTN like a drum!! But, all of these suspensions will be lifted the week before we play them. Stoops always suspends his star players long enough to enforce his "discipline", but they always magically reappear right around the end of September. The injury bug cannot be messed with, but the suspensions will not be an issue come October.

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I hear you on that and I'm sure all these guys will be back on the field for the RRR but things are not looking too great for Bobby Stoops. A #4 ranking can be attributed to one guy- Landry Jones. Guess they respect the stache!

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