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Kent Perkins Suspended for Oklahoma State Game for DWI Incident

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Per Strong in his press conference today, Senior OG Kent Perkins will be suspended for one game following his arrest for driving while intoxicated. That game will be Oklahoma State this weekend.


On top of this he'll do counseling, community service, and face additional internal punishment.


It appears Alex Anderson will be replacing him.


Kent Perkins will be addressing the media later on in player availabilities.





Here is the transcript of Kent Perkin's media availability


Opening statement:
I want to apologize to my team, my coaches, my family, all my loved ones, anybody that's ever looked up to me. I made a mistake, and I really apologize for that. That's not me. That's not my character. That's not what I'm about. I'm just ready to gain the trust back from those people, and I know I disappointed a lot of people, and the biggest thing right now is I just want to move forward, forget about this mistake. I'm a leader on this team. I need to act like that on and off the field. I'm just ready to put all this behind me and start moving forward.


On if he addressed the team:
I addressed the offensive line, and Coach Strong, he addressed the team.


On what he told his linemen:
You know, I have a lot of good friends on this team, and that's what I said. I said, you know, all the guys, you know, they were contacting me and saying, you know, we love you, and all the support, keep your head up, things like that. It just let me know like they had my back, you know, in this time. You know, it hurts even more because I feel like I let them down. I know this: I have a lot of good people in my corner. You know, I'm not going to -- this will never happen ever again.


On the conversations he has had with Coach Strong:
Well, when I talked to Coach Strong, you know, the biggest thing is I don't like to let people down. I don't want no one to feel disappointed. I think that hurts the most. You know, Coach Strong, we talked, people make mistakes, and he said, you're young, and I know this isn't your character. The biggest thing is I'm glad that he understands that this is only a mistake and this is not something that I just do. It was a stupid mistake, and I'm just glad that he understands that that's all it was, that that's not who I am as a person.


On how fortunate he feels that something worse didn't happen as a result:
I'm really grateful that I didn't cause injury to somebody else, you know. I mean, it's crazy what happened, and I'm just thankful to God that nothing physically happened to me or anybody else.


On how this can turn into a positive:
I believe it's going to be motivation because now I feel I have even more to prove. I have to gain that trust back, so I have to work even harder. I'm honestly fired up to earn that trust back from all the people that I let down.


On his reaction to his punishment:
You know, you never like not being out there with your team. I'm willing to take whatever punishment. It was my mistake. I did it. I'm willing to take all full responsibility for the consequences, and right now do my best on and off the field to help my team while they're on the field and just get ready.


On the biggest thing he has learned:
The biggest thing I learned from this is I know what's important. I'm not a guy that goes out, you know. I'm going to take from this that being a leader, being the older guy on the team, I have to set that example. I didn't set that example. But going forward, I'm going to do a lot of things right. I'm going to strive to do a lot of things right.


On if the younger players can take anything away from it, i.e. that it's okay to go out but everybody kind of needs to watch out for each other:
Yeah, yeah, just like we take care of each other on the field, we've got to take care of each other off the field. I mean, that goes for anywhere. That goes for going out, that goes for going to the mall with your friends, just hanging out with each other, always having your brother's back.


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If I gave an opinion, it would be based on very incomplete information, so I defer to those with access to all of the information.


Well, if we all deferred to only those with "all" of the information, then no one would be posting anything and we would be staring at a blank screen.


And I'm pretty sure you have given opinions before. 


So be nice and play with the rest of us children. 

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I am starting to really dislike this site, just like all of the other rumor mills that cover UT sports. In fact, I am done here.

Duke - You should have realized a long time ago that ALL sites that cover football programs are like this in that they are simply a place for people to gossip and share opinions because we are crazed fans and we love that stuff. We can't get enough of it. 


We have no right - and should not feel entitled to - know exactly what goes on behind the scenes of Charlie Strong's football team (and the lives of the football players on the team + the lives of 15 - 18 year old High School boys that might one day be on the team), but yet our passion for the sport of football and for the University of Texas at Austin drives us to sites such as this one. Even though it's a bunch of crazy older men gossiping and second-guessing the performance of other men. And we love it. 


So I don't know why you are all of sudden starting to come to some of these realizations, as if this site is/was different from others in some way. So if you are done here I hope you are done everywhere. But for the rest of us addicts - Hook 'Em Horns! 


I'm excited to see us rebound well against Okie State, I think the defense will recover and I'm excited at watching our young Offense continue to grow. A win this Saturday sets us up nicely for OU weekend.

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The one game suspension is appropriate. Texas Football has been bitch slapped internally and externally since the loss to Bama.


It's time to accept we have a coaching staff that can lead the Horns back to where we all want to be. They are coaching freshmen and sophomores for the most part now.

It hurts when a senior lets them down but WTF, he pulled over somewhere and passed out. He didn't run into a building, run over anyone, crashed his vehicle.

We have a football game coming up and THE FOOTBALL game October 8.

How about we all pull out chins out of the dirt and support the team and staff we have and see what they can accomplish with this young season?

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