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One less OL -- pokey for Perkins

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Well, at least he wasn't arrested for a weapons charge. Seriously, this is not good for the program, but this isn't the end of his career at Texas, IMO. Perkins is 22 years old, but he made a mistake by getting in a car (hipefully it was just alcohol) and Strong will deal with it. Perkins will be paying for this for a long time, but not from a football standpoint, imo.

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Thats exactly the way it should be handled.  Get out in front of it early nd handle it inside the clubhouse.  Perkins will be paying for this in years to come.  I'm sure ATM will make a big stink about this, but their Head Coach is the poster child for driving drunk.



F@#k aTm. Tony Buzbee, who is an aggy regent, got busted for a DUI a few weeks ago. Besides, the same people who turned Manziel out into his professional career as a functional drunk are still in charge at aggy. They have NO room to be lecturing anyone else. Drunk regents, drunk athletes and students on "ring day" celebrating by binge drinking 60 oz of beer as fast as possible (they teach the kids that if you let the beer sit for a while, it knocks down the carbonation and you can force the alcohol into your system faster, thus increasing the spike in your blood-alcohol level. REAL responsible shit there, aggy).


When 50 year-old aggy regents are still making bad decisions and university administrators are promoting "traditions" based on teaching students the way to celebrate achievements in life is binge drinking, I don't want to hear a f##king thing from aggy about 22 a year-old UT student making a bad decision.


I'm hoping this gets handled in a way that will help change Perkins' thinking about drinking and driving (and help others on the team understand the proper way to handle the issue). The main consideration here should be the welfare of the players, not burnishing any "tough guy" image Charlie Strong may have. A one game suspension and mandatory counseling would do FAR more than some physical abuse sessions and no counseling.


Personally, considering all the money Bellmont pisses down the drain on bloat and waste, I would love to see part of the off-season used for mandatory alcohol and substance abuse counseling for the athletes. Bring in professionals to run the sessions. Part of building leaders is helping them both make good decisions and also giving them the tools to be a resource for others facing similar life challenges.


If 'What starts here changes the world," then UT athletics should be at the forefront of the issue of responsible decisions regarding alcohol use. Hopefully there is something already in place.


The issue with Perkins should be working with him to change his behavior and to learn a tough lesson. The issue should not be "let's see how much of a tough coach Charlie Strong can be." This should primarily be an issue for substance abuse counselors to determine Perkins' road forward. Anything Coach Strong decides should be a secondary consideration.


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Didn't uber and lyft get kicked out of Austin?


No. City Council imposed background checks on drivers. Uber and Lyft tried to get the voters to vote down the ordinance. Uber and Lyft lost and then voluntarily agreed to abandon the Austin market as opposed to comply with city regs.


There are plenty of available options to fill the void Uber and Lyft left when they abandoned the Austin market.


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Charlie just needs to be consistent with how this is handled. If his past policy has been to dismiss players for the same type incident then he needs to be consistent with that same policy. If his policy has been to handle these type of incidents with other forms of punishment then he can do the same here and defend it by saying this has always been the policy of his program which I am ok with as that would be consistent with his policy on such matters.   

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