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Malcolm Roach Highlights vs. UTEP

Ryan Bridges

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In the Brown era, they use to be good at talent assessment (Colt, for example), but towards the end, it seems like they got too glamorized by the class ranking and the number of stars the recruit had.  The evaluation diligence put in by CS staff (sometimes taking longer than we prefer), pursuing the talent that fits their system or need, and then sealing the deal the right way with the kid and family seems to be paying off.  Roach here is a prime example.  Future so bright......

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Roach just cements for me what I've believed for the last couple of months which is that this could be one of the best recruiting classes UT has ever had. I believe the two best recruiting classes Texas has ever had was the 1967 Worster Bunch which led to the 30 winning game winning and back to back NC games against ND. The other was the 2002 Vince Young class.


Hopefully, some day we can look back at the 2016 Shane Buechele class and it will be remembered with those classes. 

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Cant measure heart and determination


the recruiting services have to define a general need and stick to that.  the hallmark of a special coach is the supposed lesser talent who succeeds beyond that of the many of the big-name recruits.


mack once had a considerable streak of such success before he got too comfortable.  right now charlie lets no moss grow on him.  i hope he stays that way.  the way he's handling business right now could land him in the hof.

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