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Kirk Johnson/Patrick Vahe Injury Updates

Harrison Wier

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Kirk Johnson appears to have not been improving from his torn ACL last year. The answer why is now known. Johnson had a slight meniscus tear in his knee, which was hindering his progress. Johnson underwent a minor scope procedure to resolve the issue. I would not be surprised if Johnson medically redshirted this year, but he could also be back later in the season. Tough break for him, but he will be back. Luckily, Texas has three solid RB's in front of him.


Rumors are circulating that Patrick Vahe injured his wrist in practice and is in a cast. Before any of you freak out, this is just a rumor for now. Nothing has been confirmed. On the positive side, it is not uncommon for a lineman to play in a cast. If there is any way that Vahe can get out on the field against Cal, he will play. Vahe is key to the Texas run game, and OL coach Matt Mattox wlll not hold him out unless the injury is serious. 


I will update the thread as more information arrives. Stay tuned. 

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Apparently this is the pic of Vahe that is circulating


Look like a Scantron got the best of him



Not going to jump to conclusions, but he could still play. If it's broken I wouldn't expect him to start on the field, but playing with a cast is not uncommon. Plenty of players have done it before, however uncomfortable it is.

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As of now, it looks like Vahe will play per 247. They have good sources, and one of them was quoted as saying they "didn't know Vahe had a serious injury." This looks to be a minor thing, and the cast is precautionary. If I hear anything else, I'll let you know. Right now, it looks like Vahe is playing.

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