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I Like Were We Are At

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I think last Years team would most likely have won this game but it would have been much closer. Coming off a great win over ND Texas had offensive injuries.. I thought that our young players really step up responded . I had no idea that the young players we landed the last two recruiting classes would respond so quickly. Not knocking MB but I always had a problem giving out so many scholarship as early as he did. CS waiting for most of his players to commit during there Senior year is the right course. We are back and we are going to have fun watching Texas play for a long time to come. Might see another MNC before some us old farts go to the big football stadium in the sky. My friends y'all have a great week.    

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the next 3 games are crucial.  we will see exactly what we have after those 3.  great win against nd; expected win against utep.  road games are always a great test for new qbs; let alone true freshman qb.


Buechele is not a true freshman QB. He may be listed as one, however ain't no way he plays like one in this offense.


I read that he was checking the offense into the right play against ND. I don't recall a UT QB being able to do that in Greg Davis or Shawn Watson offense. Maybe Major Applewhite if he hadn't redshirt his freshman year.

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I Like Where We Are At


i absolutely agree, jim.  and we're glad to see you doing well.


when i think about what we are getting close to witnessing i get the willies.  i've cast about for a suitable analogy, and i think early hendrix in england is pretty close.  let me share with you a couple of enjoyable youtubes with recollections from people who had no clue who jimi hendrix was before he blew them away.  maybe you haven't seen these:


eric clapton meets hendrix


chris squire disappointed he wasn't opening for cliff bennett and the rebel rousers


bonus:  if you like these youtubes about the early days of r-n-r and especially some of the big names when they were unknowns, you'll like this one:


roy smith rebuilds a norton for a change

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