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Sorry for the least exciting thread on this board in quite some time, but I am on the search for two tickets to the game on Sept. 4. 


My wife and I will be arriving in Austin from Indianapolis on Friday, Sept. 2. Meeting somewhere in Austin to make the transaction can be the first priority when we get into town. I'm not trying to string anyone out until game day. I know these are hard tickets to come by. 


And I don't want to pay an arm and a leg. I may be one of many, many people making the trip down from Indiana, but I'm wearing the right colors. So, please, while I understand a slight cost above face is a worthy expectation for a game like this, don't come at me with "$300" or "$450" A PIECE for upper level, etc. 


I am happy to pay anywhere from $125- to $250 a piece depending where your tickets are -- as this can be negotiated. 


If you have an extra pair, or know someone who is selling, let them know I bleed orange and I am a serious buyer -- I won't back out if we can agree on something. I'm coming from Indiana for crying out loud. 


You can reach me at 317-938-7919. Just shoot me a text. Or follow me on Twitter @CoreyElliot 


I'm hoping to solidify this by the time the weekend comes, though, I know based on last year's experience in South Bend, hours before game time it looked like people couldn't hardly find someone to give their extra tickets away to, so it's not a drastic situation just yet. 


Hook 'Em! and thanks for anything any of y'all can do. 

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I agree with Mike. Tix are tough to get right now unless you're willing to pay the market value. Folks liking for a deal now are probably going to be a bit disappointed.


Take your chances and roll the dice because unless you want a single or to sit way up high, the prices are not in your range given.

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