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Baylor releases 5 players from NLI

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TFBs --



"– UPDATE (11:01 pm): I have been told that Texas no longer has a spot for Parrish Cobb. I would surmise this means Texas feels good about landing a commitment/signature from Patrick Hudson. – (Super K)"

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"Hudson made the trip up to Norman over the weekend with his uncle.

And for whatever it’s worth, I (K) did speak with one source close to Hudson who said they did not feel like OU would win out in the end. – (Brandon & Super K)"



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There is a story out there that Briles steered Kam Martin to Auburn.


"Martin reportedly visited TCU and Auburn over the weekend before committing to the Tigers. He told 247Sports that Briles actually encouraged his move to Auburn.


“He said if I was going to Baylor and he was there, it would be the same type of vibe (as Auburn),†Martin said. “He told me Coach Gus (Malzahn) would take care of me. He said with him, it’s about the player, the university. And shoot, he’s an offensive guru.â€




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247 has a new Hudson report up

The story is somewhat amusing with their allegation that "someone close to Hudson" mislead both aggy and Texas.

They reference multiple "sources" -- the sum of which is that "it may be Texas."  But "it may be ou."  And of course "don't be surprised if its Baylor."

That about covers it except aggy is out.

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If all these reports on Hudson being misled by various "close people" are true, and I have no reason to doubt them, can you imagine how screwed up that young man's mind must be?  He really needs a stabilizing influence in his life- an influence that does not have its own agenda.  I'm not sure where ever he goes that he doesn't have doubts in the back of his mind every time something goes wrong or gets tough. I believe mental toughness is very close to as important as raw talent.  

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Did the Port Arthur News twitter guy really know and publish this before the pay services?


Or did the pay services know but sit on it so he could make the announcement himself?

(In the past, they have had a hard time sitting on breaking news)

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